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[. . . ] Primary Flight Controls Control surfaces Rudder Wheel Brakes Increase Keyboard Sensitivity Decrease Keyboard Sensitivity Shift Insert Delete Others Speed or Air Brakes Flaps Eject or bailout , , Ctrl Ctrl B F E F G Pause Accelerated time (stay in 3D) Faster accelerated time (move to map) Shift Detail level change Preferences menu Map , Ctrl D P Reset to nearest friendly view Reset to nearest ground target view Reset to next waypoint view Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Alt Alt F2 F3 F4 F1 F2 Rotate down & right Rotate up & left Rotate up & right Number pad 3 Sticky Keys Forward & left Forward Forward & right Insert Home Page Up Number pad 7 Number pad 9 , Shift D F12 A. I. [. . . ] Power/Cruise toggle (Mustang) Engine Restart Shift 0 E Panning Mode Rotate down Number pad 2 Number pad 8 Number pad 6 Number pad 4 Number pad 1 Rotate up _ Field of View zoom out Ctrl and number pad Game Controls Screenshot Exit key Info panel toggle (2 types of information) Print Screen F1 F2 Ctrl Alt P X I Rotate right F3 Padlock previous nearest ground target Padlock previous waypoint Reset to nearest enemy view Rotate left F4 Rotate down & left F1 KEY - MIGALCDRUK Joystick Buttons View Keys Enemy Views Turn off Padlock Next Previous Reset A. I. Friendly Views Ground Targets Waypoint Views Next Previous Reset Next Previous Reset Next Previous Reset View of Subject of Current Msg Outside View Fixed/Floating Outside View Inside View Invisible cockpit Fly by/Chase Toggle Satellite View Toggle Impact Toggle Preferences (Configuration) Screenshot Look up toggle for Sticky keys Screen Print 1. 5. Fire Reset View Padlock Toggle Inside/Outside View Toggle Forward Elevator Trim 6. 10. Increase Range (gun sight) Aft Elevator Trim Reduce Range (gun sight) Speed Brake* Reset Elevator Trim* ESC F1 Escortee F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 Print Screen Scroll Pause Throttle - Messages, Look, Pan 10% Throttle Group Info Back Left Down/Left 20% Throttle Precombat Back 30% Throttle Combat Back Right 40% Throttle Post Combat Left Left 50% Throttle Tower Straight Up 60% Throttle FAC Right Forward Left Forward Forward Right 70% Throttle 80% Throttle 90% Throttle 100% Throttle Power/Cruise setting for Mustang Decrease Throttle by 1% Increase Throttle by 1% Inside/Outside View Toggle | \ Sticky Keys Sticky Look Forward/Left Sticky Look Forward Sticky Look Forward/Right Panning/ Fixed View Toggle Panning or Fixed Views This key functions for Internal Views only Move view to left / Rotate Up Fast Forward This key functions for Internal Views only Move view to right Zoom Out Zoom Out Fast FOV : Zoom Out 1 Trigger button behind here . 3 2 4 ~ ` 1 Down 2 Down/Right 3 4 Reset view 5 Right 6 Up/Left 7 Up 8 Up/Right 9 0 _ Previous Weapon + = Next Weapon Insert Sticky Look Back/Left Home Sticky Look Back Page Up Sticky Look Back/Right Num Lock Rotate Up / Left Fast Forward / Left Accelerated Time Toggle Faster Accelerated Time (move to map) Wingspan Up (gun sight) Wingspan Down (gun sight) Dump Stores Engine Restart Radio Messages Menu Reduce Range (gun sight) Increase Range (gun sight) Lift by 1000ft Cheat Info Panel Toggle Forward Elevator Trim Pause Padlock Toggle Rotate Up / Right Fast Forward/ Right Rotate Right Fast Right * 9 Zoom In Zoom In Fast FOV : Zoom In 7 8 6 5 Eject or Bailout Tab Q W Stop Death seq. (Multi-player) Spin Recovery Cheat E Reload Cheat R T Raise or lower Landing Gear Y Head Up Instruments Toggle U Take over aircraft (Multi-player) I Inc. [. . . ] / Enter Elevator Forward Rotate Down / Left Fast Back / Left Aileron Left Elevator Back Aileron Right Rudder Left 4 5 6 Rotate Down / Right Fast Back / Right Rudder Right + Shift Z Exit Game X C Toggle player's voice V B N < , > . Shift 1 Back 2 0 3 Fire Ctrl Alt Alt Ctrl Ins Del Enter Aileron / Elevator * Due to some joysticks not supporting ten buttons, functions not covered by the joystick can be controlled via the keyboard. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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