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[. . . ] Might and Magic Book One Secret of the Inner Sanctum A Fantasy Role-Playing Simulation By Jon Van Caneghem ©1987 JON VAN CANEGHEM SECOND EDITION The enclosed software program and this book are copyrighted. This book may not be copied, photographed, reproduced, or translated or reduced to any electrical medium or machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent from New World Computing, Inc. Portions of the program accompanying this book may be copied, by the original purchaser only, as necessary for use on the computer for which it was purchased. CREDITS Designed and Created by: Jon and Michaela Van Caneghem Programming: Jon Van Caneghem Computer Graphics: Joe Ferreira (Pendragon Studios), Vincent DeQuattro, Jr. , Jon and Michaela Van Caneghem Graphic Art Designed and Produced by: Focus On Design Book Illustrations: Vincent DeQuattro, Jr. [. . . ] It reflects the amount of adventuring and combat experience which the character has gained while traveling, measured in EXPERIENCE POINTS. At higher experience levels, a character is able to cast more powerful spells, is able to inflict greater damage in battle, and is able to sustain more damage from physical attack. A character rises to the next experience level only when he/she has accumulated the required number of experience points from defeating monsters in battle, completing quests, or performing other deeds of heroism. A character is defined by CLASS, RACE, ALIGNMENT and SEX, with class being the most significant characteristic. Class is determined by the number rating of 1-3 of the character's 7 VITAL STATISTICS. It is important to note that while all characters of a particular class share certain abilities and limitations (imposed by their prime statistics) they are not all identical. . . particularly as the game progresses and they gain in experience at different rates. Other vital statistics, as well as the character's race, also subtly affect a character's abilities. All characteristics are explained fully in Appendix A, and must be chosen by you when you create a character. Weapons & Equipment Different classes of characters are permitted to wear different types of armor and use different weapons. For example, a cleric may use only a club, mace, flail, staff or great hammer, but may carry a shield. Other equipment items (ropes, grappling hooks, etc. ) are also available, and may be purchased in town shops or found along the way. However, it is necessary to choose carefully the articles which a character purchases or picks up. Each character has a BACK PACK, in which he/she may carry up to 6 items. Once the pack is full, new items can be added only after discarding another item or shifting it to another character's pack. In addition to the back pack, each character can wear or carry another 6 items which are EQUIPPED or readied for use. Items such as armor and most weapons must be equipped in order to use them. If a character goes into combat with armor and weapons safely stashed in his/her pack, they will be of no use whatsoever. There are restrictions regarding the number and types of armor and weapons which may be simultaneously equipped. These restrictions are explained in Appendix A. Monsters The term MONSTER is a little misleading, for it implies danger and evil. There are over 200 types of monsters in the world of Might and Magic and each one is different. In general, the monsters you encounter will be proportionate with the overall experience level of your party. As your characters advance to higher experience levels, they will encounter more dangerous monsters. [. . . ] NAME: Cold Beam COST: 4 SP TYPE: Combat OBJECT: 1 monster DESCRIPTION: Attacks with a beam of intense cold that penetrates to the monster's heart and inflicts 4-40 damage points, unless the monster is immune to cold. NAME: Feeble Mind COST: 4 SP+2 Gems TYPE: Combat OBJECT: 1 monster DESCRIPTION: Erases the monsters brain, removing all its abilities for the duration of combat or until the monster overcomes the spell. NAME: Freeze COST: 4 SP TYPE: Combat OBJECT: 1 monster DESCRIPTION: Immobilizes the monster, preventing it from attacking for the duration of combat. NAME: Guard Dog COST: 4 SP TYPE: Non-combat OBJECT: Entire party DESCRIPTION: Places a supernatural guard over party, preventing surprise attacks for 1 day. [. . . ]


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