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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Chichester Illustrations By: Casey Dodd © 1998 The 3DO Company. The software and the related manual for this 3DO product are copyrighted. They may not be photocopied, scanned, translated, reproduced, copied or reduced to any tangible or electronic medium or machine-readable form, or publicly performed or displayed, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of The 3DO Company. The owner of this product is entitled to use the software and manual for this product for his or her own use, but is not entitled to sell or transfer reproductions of the software or manual to other parties in any way; nor to rent or lease the product to others without prior written permission from The 3DO Company. [. . . ] Each of your characters' counters run independently from other characters' counters and monsters' time counters. When a character takes an action, like swinging his sword or casting a spell, his/her timing gem will go dark, indicating he is recovering from his last action and is too busy to take another one. For example, an attack with a dagger thrust might cost 40 "ticks", meaning that until that time goes by, the character will be unable to act. After the time has passed, the timing gem will light up again, meaning that this character can perform another action. 37 A monster's attack can take ticks off a character's counter, slowing their getting back "in the green". A character who is moving - perhaps backing away - before his gem is green will find his recovery time slower. Those who are inherently faster can take action and lose less time on their counter; they're ready to go again in a shorter period. Experts and Masters of certain skills can generally expect speed bonuses that reduce the time it takes them to take actions. Your keyboard's Enter key shifts the chronological forces from real-time (when everything around you is happening all at once in a dizzying blur of action and menace), to a more manageable "turn-based" situation. Your party's adversaries become immobilized as you plan your character's attack actions, and then unleash those actions on your enemies. For in return, your adventurers then become momentarily paralyzed as your foes are given their turn at aggression. To send a character into the fray of battle, first select him/her and then touch A on your keyboard or use the mouse and left-click on a monster. In the case of the keyboard, your adventurer targets the nearest monster; with the mouse, he swings at the enemy you choose. If the enemy is far and your character is armed with a bow, he will shoot to kill. But if your character can't fire, he instead dodges and passes on that chance to attack. Each character has a "quick combat" move that can be immediately unleashed on a monster with a left-click of the mouse. Steel and muscle are only half the battle: magic is the balance, and its far-ranging power can very well tip the scales of combat in your favor. Touch S on your keyboard to cast a selected character's "readied spell, " a most-favored bit of magic kept at the fore for quick effect. Should it require a subject - like a healing spell - your mouse pointer will become a crosshair. Click the crosshair on your spell target for the magic to become real. It's also possible to choose the target of your character's readied spell by CTRL-clicking with your mouse. In this case, left-click the mouse on a target while holding down the CONTROL key on your keyboard. Refer ahead to my treatise on magic for the spell-casting you can set loose in combat. 38 Resting & Recovery Battle, injury, or just the day-to-day stress of surviving in a land torn by strife will take a severe toll on your party. [. . . ] Most manufacturers have released updated video and audio drivers that are compatible with DirectX 5. 0 and have them available on their web site. You can find many links to hardware sites by going to our support web site at http:// www. 3do. com/customerservice. Problem: I have installed the game, but when I launch the game I don't get any sound effects. I can see the game on the screen and I can hear the music but the sound effects are gone. [. . . ]


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