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[. . . ] In the 13th century, the Church has been able to eliminate the plague epidemic using its then-powerful Link towers, a spell-casting mechanism connecting all major European cathedrals, but has been since able only to create a volatile northern border, preventing the Fog to spread to its southern lands. Today the Holy Roman Republic is isolated: to the north, the Fog prohibits all passage. Anyone wandering into the Fog has never returned, their minds destroyed by the Fog. Towns that border the Fog are protected with harmonic tolling, a magical spell cast using magically crafted church bells. To the south and east, warring nations of Northern Africa and Middle East make trade and communication extremely difficult. [. . . ] Some weapons, such as specific types of axes or swords, can be used in one or two-handed fashion. You can switch between one-handed and two-handed usage of a weapon with the "SWITCH ONE/TWO HANDED" key (by default, "X") during combat. When multiple enemies are present and within weapon range, you can use the "SWITCH ENEMIES" key (by default, "C") to spread your focus among them. Pressing the "SWITCH ENEMIES" key once will select the nearest enemy, if no enemy is currently selected. Repeatedly pressing the "SWITCH ENEMIES" key will cycle through all enemies in your weapon range, selecting them one at a time. If you HOLD the "SWITCH ENEMIES" key, you will enter the multi-attack mode, where your character will fight multiple enemies automatically, delivering strikes to all enemies in range one at a time automatically. Hint: all three switching options ("SWITCH WEAPONS", "SWITCH ONE/TWO HANDED", and "SWITCH ENEMIES") are available as icon shortcuts, which are revealed if you left-click on the time (clock) corner (the lower right corner of the screen). You might prefer to have these options available instead of the default indication of time in order to simplify your combat interface. ENEMY STATISTICS When an enemy is selected, its name appears on the screen along with its health bar and level. USING SPELLS IN COMBAT Two magic realms are known to the human race in the game: the Realm of Liturgy and the Realm of Alchemy. The harmonies are more efficiently vocalized by lawfully aligned characters. You can select and cast enhancement spells using the following keys: · "CYCLE ENHANCEMENT MAGIC" key (by default, the "F5" key) selects the school of enhancement magic you want to use · "CAST ENHANCEMENT TERRAN" key (by default, the "F6" key) casts a terran sphere spell in the selected school · "CAST ENHANCEMENT LUNAR" key (by default, the "F7" key) casts a lunar sphere spell in the selected school · "CAST ENHANCEMENT SOLAR" key (by default, the "F8" key) casts a solar sphere spell in the selected school The effect of the spell depends on the school of magic from which it derives, and the sphere the spell is cast in. For example, you can improve your heal rate by casting a solar sphere spell of the "purification" school of magic, your proficiency in the spell school will increase through the use of its spells. At a certain level of proficiency, additional spell effects may result. A higher level harmony could cause the subject to be healed immediately. Transcendency The harmonies of the Purification chord have been refined over the centuries. One of the many variants, but a very successful one, became known as the Chord of Transcendency. It goes beyond the purification of spheres, making them glow in an unseen light. The body affected by the Transcendency harmonies will be able to conduct deeds that are otherwise out of reach for a mere human. · "Terran harmony": Transcendence within the terran 20 sphere. The efficiency of one's strength is multiplied, causing, between other things, higher damage when striking an opponent. At a higher level, the opponent's terran sphere is also sapped whenever struck, then converted into a health boost for the chanter. · "Lunar harmony": Transcendence within the lunar sphere. At the lower skill level, this harmony will increase one's speed of movement, and at the higher, the speed of actions, like striking, will also be greatly increased. · "Solar harmony": Transcendence within the solar sphere. [. . . ] At the north border, the Church remains important in its defence role, perfecting their skills of the tolling in the Church sorcery labs. The big city cathedrals become independent units, led by the most competent cardinals. The states of Italy, France, Spain, and all remaining Fog-bordering territories join to form a single state, the Holy Roman Republic, ruled by the Senate, comprised of local feudal lords (barons) and citizen nobles. The Moors conquer North African territories, presenting a new threat to the Republic. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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