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[. . . ] TM WARNING: TO OWNERS OF PROJECTION TELEVISIONS Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube damage or mark the phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on large-screen projection televisions. EPILEPSY WARNING Please Read Before Using This Game Or Allowing Your Children To Use It. Some people are susceptible to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to certain flashing lights or light patterns in everyday life. Such people may have a seizure while watching television images or playing certain video games. This may happen even if the person has no medical history of epilepsy or has never had any epileptic seizures. [. . . ] Circuit Racing Screen The Circuit Racing screen contains valuable information about tour tracks, circuit standings and purse prizes. A B C D E F G H I A) View a complete account summary B) Access the Garage screen C) Access the Trophy Room D) Access the Showroom E) Access the Tier menu. The Circuit screen appears Circuit Types A B C D E F J A) View a complete account summary B) View the current circuit standings C) Access the Garage screen D) Access the Trophy Room E) Enter the Showroom F) The tracks that comprise the circuit G) The cost to enter the circuit H) Prize money I) Race the circuit J) The skill level of the circuit Note: As soon as a player pays the entry fee to a circuit with new tracks, those tracks become available in all game modes. Circuit Completion Awards Each circuit consists of 1-8 races. There are three types of circuits to compete in: TOURNAMENT This circuit type is comprised of a number of races. At the end of each race, points are awarded based on your finishing position. At the conclusion of the last race, the driver with the most points is declared the winner. However, after each race, the last place finisher is eliminated from the competition. You must put your dream machine on the line in a winner-take-all battle. You may only enter this circuit if you own two cars. KNOCKOUT HIGH STAKES Players win medals for completing circuits and trophies for completing tiers. · You have completed a Tournament Circuit when you have finished in one of the top three positions. 1st Place receives a Gold medal, 2nd Place a Silver and 3rd Place a Bronze. · You have completed a Knockout Circuit when you have finished all races without being eliminated. 1st Place receives a Gold medal and all places receive money with more going to higher-placing finishers. Note: A bonus car is awarded for placing first in some Tournaments. Additional tiers are unlocked by completing all circuits within the currently available tiers. 18 19 TM · You have completed a High Stakes Circuit when you have finished in 1st. · You have completed a tier when you have won a medal at all circuits of the tier. The Trophy type (Gold, Silver, Bronze) is equal to the lowest denomination of medal you receive. · Players are free to re-enter tiers or circuits they have already completed to win extra cash or upgrade their awards. Garage Screen ACCOUNT CAR REPAIR UPGRADE SHOWCASE TRANSMISSION View a complete account summary. A Manual transmission presents more of a challenge, but it allows you to squeeze more performance out of your car. D A B C A) View a complete account summary B) Repair all body damage C) Repair all engine damage D) Repair all suspension damage E) Repair all steering damage F) The car's ratings G) Repair all damage Car Upgrades Screen Purchase new upgrades to enhance your car's performance. CONVERTIBLE SELL Note: You can only sell a car if you have more than one in your garage. Repair Car Screen Regular maintenance for your vehicle allows you to stay competitive on the circuit. A B A) Vehicle ratings C D E F B) View a complete account summary C) The upgrade description D) The cost to purchase an upgrade CAR UPGRADE OPTIONS LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 Lowers suspension and upgrades your tyres for improved road grip and handling. Improves aerodynamics to provide better handling and reduces weight for quicker acceleration. Upgrades brakes to reduce stopping distance. G LEVEL 3 20 21 TM ADDITIONAL GAME MODES Single Race Mode Single Race mode allows one or two players to participate in one complete race. [. . . ] The game loads, the computers sync up and the race starts. 28 29 TM HOT KEYS ACTION PAUSE RACE HIDE PAUSE MENU ROTATE PAUSE CAMERA LEFT/RIGHT STOP PAUSE CAMERA ROTATION TOGGLE ON-SCREEN GAUGES (PLAYER 1/PLAYER 2) ON/OFF TOGGLE REARVIEW MIRROR ON/OFF TOGGLE MUSIC ON/OFF TOGGLE SOUND FX ON/OFF TOGGLE COP SCANNER ON/OFF REDUCE/EXPAND WINDOW KEYBOARD ESC F1 F2/F4 F3 F5/F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11/F12 CREDITS Development Directors Development Director: Joel Lueders Senior Development Director: Mike Mathisen Production Producer: Mark Madland Associate Producer: Mark Coates Online Producer: Jim Edmonds Assistant Producers: Ragnar Lindstrom, John Petrick, Brian Taney Production Assistant: Alex Pantelias Executive Producer: Sam Nelson Senior Producer: Hanno Lemke Programming Lead Programmer: Sam Deasy Programmers: Peter Andrew, Dan Berke, Doug Deardorff, Greg D'Esposito, John Fawcett, Jim Hall, Michael Lankerovich, Gordon Ludlow, Wes Potter, Anne Sullivan, Chuck Walters, Ted Zuvich Artists Senior Art Adviser: David Bollesen Lead UI Artist: Dave McCormack Lead Track Artist: Jim Tibbits Lead Car and Cockpit Artist: Ryan Blinsky Artists: Andrew Baker, James Becker, Jeff DuLong, Kevin Gee, Layne Gifford, Harley Howe, Phil Howe, Jeff Hydorn, Rob Johnson, Razvan Neagu, Jason Rappaport, Kevin Ring, Drew Robertson, Aaron Rose, Stefan Schwartz, Scott Thurman, Eugene Wong, Robert Adams, Eduardo Agostini, Sheila Allan, Garth Buzzard, Simon Craghead, Paul Goad, Curtis Hoines, Laurie Kindiak, Anthony Leonati, Robert Sculnick QA QA Coordinator: Caesar Filori QA Lead: Mike Cody QA Assistant Leads: John Largis, Josh Reynolds QA Testers: Dave Blumberg, Jesse Brocksmith, Kristine Bryan, Allen Burkhart, Tony Case, Brian DeVerter , David Drury Allen, J Galloway, Michael Gills, Joseph Keating, Ed Miller, Shawn I. Neal, Henry Pak, Blair Peters, Kate Powell, Raul Rodriguez, Diana Schiefelbein, Jonny Steward, Patrick Swift, Tim Zoch QA Technician: Justin Phipps QA Mastering: Wyeth Orestes Johnston 30 31 TM Audio Lead Audio: Robert Ridihalgh Sound Design Seattle: Jay Weinland, Matt Ragan, Robert Ridihalgh, Alistair Hirst Sound Design Vancouver: Crispin Hands, Saki Kaskas, Andy Teal, Rom Di Prisco Music Compositions: Rom Di Prisco, Saki Kaskas, Crispin Hands, Robert Ridihalgh Mix Engineer: Hiwatt Marshall Music Consultants: The Forster Brothers for Tuff Break Entertainment Music Editing and Mastering: Rom Di Prisco Speech Engineer and Senior Editor: Jennifer Lewis Speech Editors: Olo, Phil Giborski, Lori Wilson, Jeremy Cook Audio Libraries: Iain Macanulty, Dave Mercier Speech Scripts and Layouts: Robert Ridihalgh, Mark Coates, Brooke Burgess, Tony Whitney Music Licensing: Beverly Koeckeritz Music Supervisor: Jonnie Forster Special Thanks EARS Hitmen group working on PGA for supplying us with a ton of trees. Additional Resources Manual Writers: Anthony Lynch, Jamie Poolos Web Development and Design: Scott Zimbler Public Relations: Jeane Wong Product Manager: Peter Royea Photography: Diego Cassetta, Rob Newell, Benedict Redgrove, Werner Deisenroth ­ Sirius Studios Localisation Producers: Gaar Lindstrom, Serena Whitters, Arlaine Walker Licensing Coordinators: Mark Coates, Joel Lueders, Serena Whitters Opening Video Sequence: Equinoxe Digital Entertainment Graphic Artists: SHEN Technologies Customer Quality Control: Michael Parker, Benjamin Crick, Anatol Somerville, Jacob Fernandez © Chet Hanchett/ Panoramic Images, Chicago 1998 © First Light/ Panoramic Images, Chicago 1998 Electronic Arts Europe Product Manager: Audrey Meehan DTP Manager: Anita K. Legg Documentation: Oli Ladenburg Pack Design and Art Direction: James Nolan, FLUID & Ed du Bois Documentation Layout: Colin Dodson Customer Quality Control: Desmond O'Connor, Fabio Mastrangioli Translations Co-ordination: Clare Parkes Localisation Co-ordination - Export and Web: Petrina Wallace Materials Co-ordinator: Lynn Moss Studio Ops: Steve Fitton NOTICE ELECTRONIC ARTS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS PRODUCT DESCRIBED IN THIS MANUAL AT ANY TIME AND WITHOUT NOTICE. [. . . ]


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