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[. . . ] 26 1 INTRODUCTION With NHL® 2000, you hit the ice harder than ever before. Deke your opponents and plow down the slot to fire one through the pipes. The New Career Mode allows you to call all the shots on and off the ice. With several different play modes to get you into the fray fast, NHL 2005 is your ticket to the coolest game on ice. [. . . ] Soon, you'll be able to play on your favorite team and take on your fieriest rivals in quest for your own Stanley Cup title. BEFORE STARTING NHL 2005, YOU MUST COPY A PICTURE OF YOUR FACE (JPG, BMP, PNG, OR FSH FORMAT) TO THE \DATA\USER\FACES FOLDER IN YOUR NHL 2005 DIRECTORY. THE DEFAULT DIRECTORY IS C:\PROGRAM FILES\EA SPORTS\NHL 2005. To import a face: 1. Right click in a region to drag the entire region around. There are more detailed instructions at the Import Face screen for each step. 4. You can put a player directly onto a team or you can put him onto waivers where you can pick him up via the team toggle in create player. If you assign him to a team, go into EDIT LINES at the Coach Options screen and make sure that he is dressed and on a line. 14 NHL 2005 GAME MODES NHL 2005 features five more game modes. Then take your team all the way to the Cup in Season mode, blaze your way to glory in Playoff mode, battle it out with 4 to 16 teams in a Tournament, or jump into the intensity of an OT shotfest in Shootout. When you're ready for all out ice-war, hook up with your friends and battle it out online. Season Mode Lead your team through the ups and downs of an NHL season on your way to capturing the only prize that matters, the Stanley Cup®. CPU TRADING When it's ON, the CPU-controlled teams offer trades to you and to other CPU-controlled teams, and it has the ability to reject trades offered to them. Choose the new NHL rule for an overtime loss ­ the overtime losing team still gets one point, or the old rule where the overtime loser does not get a point. Choose the current Exhibition rosters, the default rosters, perform an Expansion Draft first, or a Fantasy Draft first. TEAMS SEASON LENGTH OT LOSS STARTING ROSTER To cancel and return to the Main menu, press . From the Select Teams screen, you can limit the number of teams who play or you can rearrange the divisions. When you have the teams set up the way you like, click the icon to continue. Once you have decided who you want, click on that player to draft him. The Rookie Draft consists of two rounds. FREE AGENTS To sign a free agent: 1. To attempt to sign free agents, click on SIGN FREE AGENTS, then click and drag the desired free agents in the right window over to the three slots. Prioritize your picks by placing your most desired player in the 1st slot first, the 2nd slot next, and the 3rd slot last. If Brett Hull is the number 1 choice by five different teams, he may decide to "sign" with any of these five teams, but he may also decide not to sign with any of them. You can sort players by POSITION, ATTRIBUTES, JERSEY, or NAME. You can only "talk" to three free agents at a time. 3. Click the SIGN FREE AGENTS button and the computer will process all the teams' free agent signing preferences. Keep trying to sign free agents until you no longer want any, or none are left. When finished, press the back button to return to the Free Agents base screen. Click NEXT SEASON to begin a new season. 18 NHL 2005 Playoff Mode To start playoffs: 1. The New Playoff menu lists several different options and adjustable settings for your playoff. First click on Playoff Name and type in a name, then calibrate your settings and choose your options. [. . . ] Martin Ryan Sammartino Trenton Shumay Tedd Streibel Funky Swadling Jeremy Walker Lance Wall Art Jeff Buchwitz Jay Bulbrook Phil Chow Mitch Cleroux Bryce Cochrane David DeMorest Brooks Gordon Gregg Haggman Craig Hui Ted Nugent Tom Papadatos Mike Smith Mike Sneath Dejan Stanisavljevic Cory Yip Ross Young Lead AI Programmer Front End Programmer Front End Programmer Senior Lead Programmer Lead Front End Programmer Audio Programmer Rendering Programmer Lead PC Programmer AI Programmer Coverage Programmer Animation Programmer Graphic Artist Animator Lead Graphic Artist Animator Art Director Animator Animator 3D Models 3D Models Technical Artist Lead Gameplay Artist Animator 3D Models Animator Graphic Artist Graphic Artist Andy Teal Markus Westerholz Aleksandar Zecevic Development Denise Brown Dave McCarthy Production Rory Armes Bill Kim Louise Read Dave Warfield Kevin Wilkinson Audio German Play by Play & Colour Engine Audio Senior Development Director Development Director Executive Producer Assistant Producer Localisation Producer Senior Associate Producer Producer Production Coordination Jennifer Campbell Production Coordinator Bryna Dabby Nora Stokke Janie Toivanen Marketing Brian Coleman Trudy Muller Eric Petersen Documentation Jessica Poorée Corinne Mah Product Marketing Manager Public Relations Specialist EA International Writer Layout Production Assistant Production Assistant Production Coordinator Package Cover Photography Steve Babineau Sports Action Photography Audio Doug Hollinrake John (Juan) Jacyna Jeff Mair Speech Scripting Play by Play & Colour Lead Audio Quality Assurance Frank Benton, John Brett, Mason Buhler, Cary Chao, Pat Colgan, Colin Cox, Brett Daly, Raphael DeLeon Eraña, Pete Farkas, Shamus Frigon, D'arcy Gog, Tarek Grymaloski, Eric Holten Haugen, Bryce Holliday, Heather Ito, Michael Lee, Greg Lutzer, Chris Roy, Brian Oberquell, Peter Petkov, Jeff Piva, Brad Porteous, Zech Prinz, Dan Rodgers, Paul Rodgers, Shawn Ranger, Jared Schmale, Winston Sun, Chris Wallace, Nathan Wawruck, Jeff Yu, Customer Quality Control Darryl Jenkins, Benjamin Crick, Dave Knudson, Shane Ferguson, Micah Pritchard, Jacob Fernandez, Andrew Young 25 NEED TECHNICAL SUPPORT?Please see the enclosed Reference Card for technical support information. Call EA's HINTS & INFORMATION HOTLINE for recorded hints, tips, and passwords 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!If you are under 18, be sure to get a parent's permission before calling. [. . . ]


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