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[. . . ] At the DOS Prompt select the directory that you have installed NORMALITY into e. g. When you are in the correct directory type NORMAL to execute the game. The game checks your system and optimises itself to your machine's capabilities. Normality will run from a PC running Microsoft Windows® 95 and is preset to run in two different modes. To run the game concurrently with Windows® 95 simply click the icon called NORMALW. [. . . ] To view the contents of the mighty sack click on it with the mouse pointer using any mouse button. The more items you have in the sack the more pages there will be in the inventory, to view what's on the other pages (if any) click on the edge of the page behind the front page. To use one item with another, click on the object to pick it up and move it to the object you want to use it with and click on the left mouse button. Not all objects will work with each other but you've got to check your options, not everything in Neutropolis is normal. You can also lift an object off the inventory by clicking on it and move it into the game environment to make it interact with an object that may be too heavy to carry in your sack. Anything that is printed on paper generally can't be used with other objects because it's for reading, double click to read and click again to clear once you've read it. At any point in the game press O on the keyboard to bring up the Options menu screen. To select a item click on the menu text of the item you want to change, you'll notice the red light at the end of the menu bar changes from red to green to indicate that the item is selected. To toggle through the available options place the mouse pointer over the knob on the slider on the right of the screen and press the left mouse button. Keep the left button held down and move the knob up and down the slider to adjust the selected item. To find out what each option does click on Help, this will display a description of what each selected item does. Once you've made your changes click on Play to return to the game. Please note that the cut scenes volume is controlled by the SFX volume control. When you first start playing Normality, the Map screen is like a form of torture, you can see the different places on the map light up as you move the mouse pointer around. But, before you can travel anywhere you've gotta get out of the flat. When you've highlighted a place on the map using the mouse pointer, click on the left mouse button to travel to that place. You can't travel everywhere at first, you've got puzzles to solve , like who you really are?And why are you? You can save the game at any point and you can have up to 99 different saves. To save a game press F 9 to view the save screen, then click on one of the available slots. Once you've selected a slot, type in the name of the save and press return. Then click on the S a v e G a m e button to save the game and return to the game. Use the up and down arrow on the screen to move up and down the available save slots. [. . . ] In no event shall Gremlin Interactive Limited be liable for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damages or any loss or damage caused by or suffered by reason of any loss or corruption of data arising in the use or inability to use the software. Gremlin Interactive Limited warrants to the original purchaser of this computer software product that the recording media on which the software programs are recorded will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase. During such period defective media will be replaced if the original product is returned to Gremlin Interactive Limited at the address on the back of this document, together with dated proof of purchase, a statement describing the defects, the faulty media and your return address. This warranty is in addition to, and does not affect your statutory rights. [. . . ]


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