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[. . . ] Lim ited Warranty Sold Out Software reserves the right to make changes and improvements to this product at any time and without notice. Sold Out Software warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the physical medium on which the software program in this product is recorded will under normal use and conditions be free from material defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. The entire liability of Sold Out Software under the limited warranty set out above will be at its sole option either to repair or to replace free of charge the product provided you return it in its original condition to the point of purchase with a copy of your receipt. SUBJECT TO THE LIMITED WARRANTY ABOVE, THIS PRODUCT IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. [. . . ] If you do not have the right item in your possession in certain stages of the game, you will not succeed in your quest!Throughout the game you will have many conversations with characters or read items in newspapers, see news broadcasts etc that are key to your success in the game. You cannot be expected to remember all this information, or make copious hand-written notes, so that is why the SNEAK has a Memory function. When vital information is discovered by your character the message Data Memorized will appear on the screen. This indicates that the information (or at least the key parts of it) are stored in your SNEAK memory mode. · Highlight the fourth icon (yellow) down from the left using the arrow keys. The icon will flash and change the central display on the SNEAK to a list of Memorised items or the names of the source of the information. · Press the right arrow and (if there is one) you will highlight a memory source (such as a name). At the same time a box will appear on the central display revealing a vital piece of information that has been `memorised'. If there are many memory items scroll through them using the up/down arrow keys. The spacebar will take you back to the 3D world. 23 OPTIONS The next SNEAK mode is the Game Options function. If you want to adjust Game Options, now that you are in-game, you can do so from here. The options shown are the same as the Main Menu screen options (see above). · Highlight the fifth icon down (the red one) from the left using the arrow keys icon. This icon will flash and change the display on the SNEAK to the list of Game Options. · · · · · Use the right arrow key to enter the options section and the up/down arrow keys to select from: Video Options Audio Options Game Options (includes Difficulty Settings) Controls Options (includes Redefine the keys) For a full explanation of these Options see the Main Menu screen section (above). · Press the left arrow key to return to the SNEAK menu or the Cancel button to return to the 3D world. 24 QUIT The Quit option gets you out of the game. · Press the down arrow to highlight the (white) Quit icon on the lower right side of the screen. · Press Action and confirm your choice (Yes/No) You have now explored the SNEAK. As you can see it has a multitude of uses and will be very useful to you in your adventure. Getting Back to the Game · Press TAB or the spacebar to return to the 3D world. 25 THE MULTIPLAN VIRTUAL LOCKER The SNEAK will only hold a limited number of objects but the game requires that you have access to a wide range of items. Working in conjunction with the Khonsu MK400 SNEAK, the Multiplan Virtual Locker is accessible on many locations in Omikron (Kay'l's Apartment, Office, other characters' offices etc. ) Essentially it is the means by which you can transfer objects to a safe place without having to carry everything around with you. Accessing the Multiplan · Locate a terminal then stand your character in front of it and press Action. This will open the Multiplan Virtual Locker menu. [. . . ] You can increase your Mana level by gathering potions throughout the adventure on Omikron and using them as appropriate. 39 CREDITS: QUANTIC DREAM Written and Directed by Project Manager: Internal Producer: Designs and Graphics: Lead Graphists: David Cage Olivier Demangel Anne Devouassoux Loic Normand with Stephane Elbaz - Philippe Aballea Olivier Demangel Edouard Pham Xavier Malard Eric Seigaud Pierre Roux Nathalie Chody Tsoa Rakotoarisoa Kamel Gali Franck Aubessard Amar Hamidi Corentin Jaffre Yann Legal Olivier Nallet & Fabien Fessard with Frederic Hanoulle Antoine Viau Animations: Francois Kermorvant Stephane Fournier Julien Varnier Christophe Vivet Jean-Charles Meyrignac Tony Lejuez with Christophe Leulier Xavier Malard Yan Le Gall Sophie Buhl with Nathalie Chody Audrey Leprince Daniel Cinglant & David Cage Christophe Leulier Tsoa Rakotoarisoa Marie Catherine Herveau Anne Devouassoux Regis Carlier IAM scripting: Cameras: Dialogue: Programming: 40 Sound Effects, Ambient & Additional tracks: Original English Voices by: Body Motion Capture by: Xavier Despas David Bowie David Gasman Paul Bandey Karen Strassman Christian Erickson Barbara Weber Gay Marshall Edward Marcus Allan Wenger Joe Rezwin Patrick Floersheim Iman David Bowie Reeves Gabrels Gail Ann Dorsey Jean-Jacques Toroella Marc Chung Minh Minh Ngo Pascal Gentil Emmanuelle Parlant Tony Dehas Facial Lipsynching and Dialogue Motion Capture: Acti System QUANTIC DREAM WOULD LIKE TO THANK: John for his faith. Iman, David and Reeves for their enthusiasm, their talent and their intelligence. Tony and Ed for the quality of the casting and devoting so much time to us. All the people that sent us encouraging e-mails and supported us from the start. [. . . ]


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