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[. . . ] Forty-six more combat missions! PURCHASING THE FULL VERSION Click on the Start button on your Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP taskbar, then select Programs, then Infogrames Interactive, then "Convert to Full Version", and then follow on-screen instructions. You can also purchase the game by clicking the "V" key during the game and following the on-screen instructions (you will need internet connection during the purchase process). Once purchased, you will not need internet connection to play the game. SAVING AND LOADING To save a new mission, press escape and select Exit to Menu. [. . . ] WHEN INTELLIGENCE KNOWS WHERE THE ENEMY IS, YOU'LL SEE A RED INDICATOR OVER THE TARGET. WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE AN INDICATOR, KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR COMPASS IN THE UPPER LEFT. MISSION OBJECTIVES WILL BE INDICATED BY THE OUTER TRIANGLE ORIENT YOUR TURRET (THE INNER GREEN DOT) TO MATCH THE POSITION AND DRIVE, YOU'LL SEE YOUR OBJECTIVE SOON ENOUGH. WHEN YOU PICK UP SOME AIR SUPPORT, YOU'LL NOTICE AN AIRPLANE ICON IN THE BOTTOM LEFT WITH THE NUMBER OF AIRSTRIKES YOU CAN MAKE. SIMPLY LOOK IN THE DIRCTION YOU WANT THE STRIKE, GET CLOSE ENDOUGH, HOLD TIGHT AND PRESS THE `B' BUTTON AND GET OUT OF THERE. THE BALLISTICS MAY VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR ELEVATION AND RANGE TO THE TARGET. AMMO TYPES AP = Armor piercing: most effective against armored vehicles (tanks and armored vehicles). HE = High explosive: most effective against installations and open targets (it can be used against vehicles but it is tot very effective against tanks with thicker armor). PH = Phosphorous shell (incendiary): effective against most targets although the desired effects may not be immediate. HVAP = High velocity armor piercing shell: this most rare type of ammunition simply increases the effective range and effectiveness of the standard AP. This type of ammunition can become a "life saver" when confronted with superior German tanks such as Panthers and Tigers. This type of specialized ammunition was not nor will be as readily available as the rest and must be used sparingly. GAME CONTROLS MOVE FORWARD `W' OR UP ARROW MOVE BACKWARD `S' OR DOWN ARROW TURN LEFT `A' OR LEFT ARROW TURN RIGHT `D' OR RIGHT ARROW FIRE WEAPON LEFT BUTTON ORIENT TANK RIGHT BUTTON TOGGLE MACHINE GUN / TURRET SPACE CHANGE VEHICLE VIEW C TANK VIEWS: MAIN VIEW F1 TURRET VIEW (COMMANDER) F2 DRIVER VIEW F3 ORBITAL VIEW F4 CAMERA OUT `-' CAMERA IN `+' ARMOR PIERCING AMMO `1' HIGH EXPLOSIVE AMMO `2' PHOSPHOROUS AMMO `3' HIGH VELOCITY ARMOR PIERCING AMMO `4' SCROLL AMMO TYPES MOUSE WHEEL BOMB TARGET `B' PAUSE `P' INFOGRAMES WEB SITES To get the most out of your new game, visit us at: http://www. us. infogrames. com To send e-cards to your friends, download wallpapers, or get access to other free stuff, visit our Freebies section at: http://www. us. infogrames. com/freebies If you would like to chat with other gamers, as well as developers, visit our Community Forum area at: http://www. ina-community. com Kids, check with your parent or guardian before visiting any web site. Chat Messages: Infogrames does not monitor, control, endorse, or accept responsibility for the content of chat messages. You are strongly encouraged not to give out identity or other personal information through chat message transmissions. Kids, check with your parent or guardian if you are concerned about any chat you receive. Use of Infogrames web sites is subject to terms and conditions, which you can access at: http://www. us. infogrames. com/terms_of_service. asp TROUBLESHOOTING The most common and prevalent errors are related to video and sound card drivers. The most common problem people have with DirectX® games are out-of-date video and sound card drivers. If your video and sound card drivers are not DirectX® 8. 1-certified, please download or obtain the latest drivers from your card manufacturers. After you have updated your drivers, you must reinstall DirectX® 8. 1. If you are having sound or video problems, you should try reinstalling DirectX® 8. 1. [. . . ] You'll have access to our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) area where you can download patches and new enhancements as soon as they become available, and an EMail area where you can leave us your tech support problems and questions if you do not find your answers in the FAQ information. Help Via Telephone/Fax Or Mail In The United States & Canada For phone assistance, call Infogrames, Inc. 's Tech Support at 425-951-7110. We have an Interactive Voice Response and Faxback system that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you should need live support, we are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM (PST). [. . . ]


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