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[. . . ] GAME MANUAL The Ridge, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol BS17 6BN, UK Tel: 01454 893900 Game Design and Program Copyright © 1995 Chris Sawyer Documentation, Packaging and Logo Copyright © 1995 MicroProse Ltd This manual, accompanying documentation and disks are copyrighted. The owner of this product is entitled to use this product for his or her personal use. Except for back-up copies of the disks for personal use and the quoting of brief passages for the purposes of reviews, no one may transfer, copy, back-up, give or sell any part of the manual or the information on the disks, or transmit in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher. Any person or persons reproducing any part of this program, in any media, for any reason, shall be guilty of copyright violation and shall be subject to civil liability at the discretion of the copyright holder. Made in the UK MP190239MANR SECTION 3: TUTORIALS . [. . . ] You will be asked if you are sure you want to Quit. The Icons Selecting New Game from the Main Menu will place you in the 3-D World. In the bottom right of the screen is the present date and the total amount of money you can spend. Remember, holding down the Right Mouse Button (RMB) over any icons in the game displays what features they control. From left to right these icons are: The Game Controls Group The Pause icon : Pauses the game. The game will freeze in time allowing you to consult the manual or scroll around the map. Pause Icon Game Options icon : This icon allows you to adjust game options, difficulty settings and select the following, from the pull down menu; Town names displayed Station names displayed Signs displayed Full animation Full detail Transparent buildings Clicking on the Game Options icon will allow you to adjust the Autosave feature. If you wish you can turn the Autosave completely off. The Finance/Information Group Game Options Icon The Map icon :- Click the Map icon and the World Map "Window" will immediately appear on screen. Map Icon The World Map "Window" allows quick access to any point in the 3-D, simply by clicking anywhere in the "Window". Moving around the Map "Window" is the same as for the main 3-D view screen. Click and hold the RMB, then move the mouse in the direction you want to scroll. When you have moved far enough, release the RMB, and click the LMB on the area you want to move to in the main 3-D view. 70 Section 5: The Reference Guide Section 5: The Reference Guide 71 Land Contours Vehicles Down the right hand side of the Map "Window" are seven icons which alter the information that the Map "Window" will give you: Show Land Contours on the map. Show Vehicles on the map. This will open the Stations "Window", clicking on a Station name from the list that appears will take you to that Stations position in the 3-D world. Next to the Station names are small symbols representing what kind of station it is e. g. The Company Finances icon: displays any company's financial information, and is very useful for keeping an eye on the opposition. Click and hold the Budget icon, this will show the list of all the Tycoons. Drag down the highlight bar over which Tycoon's budget you want to view and release the LMB. You can get to your personal "Window" quickly by simply clicking the Budget icon once. From within the Budget "Window" you can also Borrow and Repay money. The maximum loan can be increased to a maximum of £500, 000 by amending the difficulty settings. The Company Information Icon: clicking on this icon allows you to view information about the total number of vehicles you own, Change your Manager's Face, Name, Company Name and Colour, as well as view rival Tycoon's vehicles, and Build or View your company HQ. To see the other Tycoons company information, click and hold down the Company Information Icon, drag the highlight bar down to the company you want to see and release the LMB. Industries Transport Routes Show Industries on the map. Show Vegetation on the map. Company Finances Icon Vegetation Land Owners Show Land Owners on map Toggles Town Names on and off. The Town Directory "Window" gives quick access to any town in the world. Click on the name of a town to move to its position in the main 3-D view screen. [. . . ] Rename towns that you have a network in so that you can easily find it from the Town or Stations "Window". When building any type of station, clicking on the Catchment Area On Icon will show you in the Main 3-D view how much of the surrounding area the Station will provide its service to. Using passing places on a single track will allow you to run more than one train along it. You must place signals at both ends of the passing place on the main-line track to prevent crashes. 104 Section 7: Hints & Tips Section 7: Hints & Tips 105 17 Multiple track stations quicken loading and unloading times because you can unload more than one train at a time. [. . . ]


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