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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL ® S T R f S A T E G Y ® THE CAPTAIN'S BROADSHEET THE TECHNICAL SUPPLEMENT FOR IBM AND COMPATIBLE COMPUTERS HOW TO USE THE BROADSHEET The Captain's Broadsheet is divided into two parts: the first part is the "Technical Supplement;" it describes how Pirates!ALL PLAYERS SHOULD READ THE "TECHNICAL SUPPLEMENT" BEFORE LOADING PIRATES!GOLD. We have attempted to make the installation and running of this game as "user friendly" as possible, requiring little or no work from you; however, given the wide multitude of machines, peripherals and software in operation, this software might conflict with certain systems or configurations of systems. Gold" describes the "interface" for the game -- that is, how the game's controls work. [. . . ] (See the Captain's Broadsheet for details of land movement. ) Of course, the land is mostly trackless jungle, swamps and mountains, making overland travel very slow. When moving on land your party can carry only as much as you can fit into your hold. Since your men move slowly, be careful about traveling long distances overland if you're low on food -- starvation can be quite unpleasant as well as bad for morale. SEARCH FOR BURIED TREASURE When the landing party reaches a location where you think a treasure is buried, use the "Search" command to search for it. If you are in the wrong place, you'll find nothing. You are told what flag the town is flying and what level of fortifications the town has. You receive the following choices: March into Town, Attack the Town, Sneak into Town, and Leave Town. March into Town You and your men march into town openly and peacefully. If your force is large and the city distrusts you, this might lead to battle. Attack the Town You lead your men in battle against the town's defenders. This may lead to a land battle (see below), or the defenders may refuse to come out and fight. If the latter is the case, your men storm the city and you cross swords with the leader of the defenders (see "Fencing and Swordplay"). Sneak into Town You leave the bulk of your forces outside of town and scuttle over the city walls at night with a few trusted men. The risks and restrictions are the same as when you sneak into town from the sea (see "Putting into Port"). Leave Town If you change your mind about entering the town, this option puts you back outside the city gates. ENTERING A TOWN To enter a town, move your landing party atop the town. The options when entering a town from land are similar to those when entering a town from sea (see "Putting into Port", above). 33 LAND BATTLES Pirates aren't fools. They know that the wealth carried by Spanish galleons originates in Spanish towns. Cities are certainly easier to find than ships -- cities simply don't move around as much. On the other hand, ships aren't protected by stone walls, pikemen and cavalry. When your party marches overland and attacks a town, the town's defenders may form a small army, march out, and meet you in open battle. Controlling your forces on land is different from all other activities in Pirates!Please read the following instructions carefully and see the Captain's Broadsheet for details. GIVING ORDERS In a land battle, your party is divided into two or three groups. You can give orders to each group separately, or give the same order simultaneously to everyone. The currently-selected group is highlighted on the map, and their strength, weaponry and morale appear on the right side of the screen. [. . . ] Like all the great Spanish cities, prices are high while Spanish trade law is vigorously enforced. Spanish Jamaica was a tiny backwater, of little economic or military importance. St. Originally a French colony in 1560, Spain attacks and captures it, massacring the Frenchmen and establishing their own fortress and garrison to discourage other Europeans. Augustine is of such small importance that nobody bothers to dispute Spain's ownership. [. . . ]


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