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[. . . ] 2 0 Bring Up Dialog | 20 Center on Character | 20 Activate Party AI | 20 Inventory | 20 Automap | 20 World Map | 20 Statistics | 23 Journal | 23 Options | 23 Save, Load and Quit | 23 Gameplay Options | 23 Video Options | 24 Audio Options | 24 Keyboard Mappings | 24 Priest Spells | 21 Mage Spells | 21 Thievish Abilities | 22 Thieving | 22 Open Locks | 22 Find Traps | 22 Stealth | 22 Rest | 23 The Clock | 25 Select All | 25 Stop All Actions | 25 Formation | 25 Portrait | 26 Health Bar | 26 LIFE AND DEATH IN TORMENT . 2 6 How to Fight | 26 Death, or They Can Kill You, but They Can't Eat You | 26 Then Again, Some of them Can Eat You | 27 THE PLANES, ALIGNMENTS, AND FA C T I O N S . 29 Appendix A | 29 Stat Charts | 29 Experience Point and Spell Level Charts | 31 Appendix B | 33 Warning!4 8 2 InterplayTM Productions INTRODUCTION Planescape®: TormentTM is the first Advanced Dungeons and Dragons®, singleplayer role-playing game set in TSR's PlanescapeTM campaign setting. [. . . ] Effect: When cast, a magical orb of protective energy arises and protects the recipient from attacks from all directions. It bestows an AC 3 against all attacks and +1 to all Saving Throws for 25 seconds / level of the caster. Friends Level: Range: Duration: 1 0 5-20 seconds + 5 sec. /level Range: Casting Time: Area of Effect: Saving Throw: 0 1 60-ft. radius Special Description: The caster becomes more charismatic, all eyes turn to watch whatever he happens to be doing. Effect: When cast, the caster temporarily gains 2-8 points of Charisma. Scribing Spells In order to prepare a new spell that you've found so you can memorize and cast the darn thing, you need to copy, or scribe it into your character's spellbook. To add a spell found on a scroll to your spellbook, right-click on the scroll in your inventory. You'll be given the option of copying the spell you've found into your character's list of spells as long as the spell is of a level that your character can cast. For easy reference, which level of spells can be cast by what level character is shown in the Appendix at the back of the manual. One thing to keep in mind is that it's not always a scroll that you can copy from. It can be any item or charm with a power on it -- and the item in question has to be identified (via spell or other method) before it can have its spell copied. 18 InterplayTM Productions Attack You'll use this button quite a bit. When you feel the need to crack some skulls leftclick on this button, left-click on an opponent, and you'll start to attack. You can also hit the [A] key on your keyboard to toggle the attack key (or another key that you select if you choose to customize your keyboard options). The selected character, or your entire party if you've selected everyone, will attack with whatever weapon they have equipped, either melee or missile. Automap You can write your own notes on the Automap by either by Left-clicking on the Add Note, then Left-click on the part of the automap you want your note to be attached to, button or by Right-clicking on the map itself. You can memorize several of the spells that you have available to you, as long as you don't exceed the maximum number of spell slots that you have for your level. If, for instance, you had four first level spells that you could memorize each day, you could fill all four with the first level Magic Missile spell, or you could fill one slot with Magic Missile, one with the Friends spell, and the last two with Shield. Priests are similar in that they also have to memorize the spells that they want to be able to use. However, unlike a mage, when a priest gains access to a new level of spells the priest is allowed to memorize any of those spells without having to first find, and then scribe, those spells into a spell book. Spells are a limited resource, at least until your party is able to rest and re-memorize them, so make sure you use your magic wisely--it's often the only thing that will allow you to survive tough battles. InterplayTM Productions Thieving This is the skill of lightening someone's, or something's, pockets, usually of some of the nifty items they might be carrying. An unsuccessful pick pocket attempt has a chance to turn a target hostile, preventing you from speaking to them again. So choose your marks carefully and talk to them before seeing what they have in their pockets. Open Locks Some untrusting souls actually lock their valuables away. Use this skill on a locked container or door in order to open it. Find Traps You use this skill to both find, and then disarm any traps in the immediate area. Stealth This skill combines both an ability to hide in shadows as well as moving quietly. If you're successful then your thief cannot be seen by someone outside your party. 22 Rest This button allows you and your party to rest. You'll need to do this from time to time in order to refresh the spells that you have available for casting and/or to heal your party after a tough battle. For example, you cannot rest on city streets or in dangerous locations. [. . . ] If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can find these at www. interplay. com/support/. Here you will find troubleshooting information on as well as information on regular system maintenance and performance. DirectX www. interplay. com/support/directx/ Joysticks www. interplay. com/support/joystick/ Modems and Networks www. interplay. com/support/modem/ (For game-specific information and additional troubleshooting, visit our main page at www. interplay. com) If you have questions about the program, our Technical Support Department can help. Our web site contains up-to-date information on the most common difficulties with our products, and this information is the same as that used by our product support technicians. [. . . ]


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