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[. . . ] The install program also auto-detects your computer's configuration and provides recommendations for sound, speech, and control device (keyboard, mouse). The entire installation procedure can take a variable amount of time depending on the speed of your computer and hard drive. Technical Notes: This install program creates a sub directory on your hard disk titled "C:\MPS\RAILSDX" and copies all files into that sub directory. It then copies a runtime batch file into your root directory titled "RDX. BAT", for your convenience. [. . . ] You are rarely going to 66 want your train to run this exact route, so the route needs to be changed, and this is done from the Train Report. For example, assume you are running the Charlottesville & Richmond Railroad. You notice that the supply of coal is building up at Charlottesville Junction and that a train could take this coal to a Steel Mill in Charlottesville, pick up steel there and take it to a factory in Richmond, and pick up manufactured goods there for delivery to Charlottesville. You decide to change the route of Train #3, now scheduled to run back and forth from Charlottesville to Charlottesville Junction. Train Route Orders To change the route of Train #3, open its Train Report and Station Name place the pointer on the open line below Charlottesville in the section marked Scheduled Stops. Press Selector 1, and the route diagram for this train opens. Stop Notice that the current route Sequence of this train is marked. The number 1 next to Charlottesville Junction notes this station as the first station on the route, and the number 2 next to Charlottesville notes it as the second stop. Move the mouse pointer directly below the box marking the station at Richmond, and the information reTrain Route garding supply and demand there Diagram appears to the right. With the pointer below the Richmond station box, press Selector 1 to make Richmond stop number 3. Notice that the station box turns to the color of scheduled stops, the track into the station turns the color of an active route, and that the number 3 appears next to Station Supply & Demand Remove Station Box 67 the station box. Richmond has now been added to this train's route as scheduled stop #3. Press Selector 1 and choose "Coal Car" from the Add Car menu that appears. Note that a coal car icon appears on the line where "no changes" was previously showing. You may also use the mouse to repeat the train's current consist from the top of the report in any row of the New Consist area. Place the mouse pointer on the row where you want the consist repeated and press Selector 2. This is useful if you want to add cars to the current consist without rebuilding the entire train. Train Consist 69 The presence of the coal car indicates that the consist orders for this train are to remove all other cars on the train when it reaches this stop and put on one coal car. Repeat this process and place a steel car at the second stop, Charlottesville, and a goods car at the third stop, Richmond. Leave the consist at the fourth stop, Charlottesville again, unchanged. You have now arranged the consist changes necessary for Train #3 to take advantage of the industry along its route. It is scheduled to carry coal from Charlottesville Junction to the steel mill at Charlottesville. The steel mill uses the coal to make steel and your train puts on steel cars there to carry the steel on the factory at Richmond. Your train again changes its consist to a goods car so it can carry the goods back to Charlottesville for delivery. [. . . ] No single source discusses locomotive specifications, railroad history, or railroad operations, especially for Europe as well as North America. Among the many books used, the following were found especially useful and are recommended for further reading: The American Heritage History of Railroads in America, by Oliver Jensen, American Heritage Publishing, New York, 1975. Aboard a Steam Locomotive, a sketchbook, by Huck Scarry, Prentice-Hall, New York, 1987. A children's book, but nevertheless a well illustrated and simple explanation of how railroads and steam locomotives work. [. . . ]


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