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[. . . ] If it does not, doubleclick on the My Computer icon on your Windows Desktop, double-click on the CD-ROM icon, and then double-click on the Setup. Follow the installation instructions carefully until the game has been installed. You will then be given the option to run Motocross Mania once installation is successfully completed. During the installation process you will be given the option to install DirectX. [. . . ] From this screen, you can see the other players' profile names, and their current status. You will see up to 8 names on this screen, each of which will have a ready status indicator next to it. This indicator will initially be red, showing that the player is not ready. When this indicator goes green, this indicates that the player is ready. Only when all players are ready will the host be able to start the game. If someone joins whom you do not wish to play, the host can click the kick button to disconnect someone from the game. Next to each players name will be their current "ping" (the time taken for a network packet to travel from their machine to your machine and back again) and their selected connection speed. If you are joining a session, you must select ready, this will indicate to all the other players that you are ready and once everyone is ready the host can start the game. You can also communicate with the other players by entering text into the Message Box, and pressing Return. Tip: - any player not already in the player list when messages are sent will not receive them. Playing against the computer is a real challenge, but nothing quite beats the satisfaction you get from playing against your friends ­ and winning!However, to assist slower machines, there are multiple resolution settings available, as well as options to alter the level of detail in the landscape and riders and the level of particle detail. Different sliders are provided to configure different aspects of the game. By adjusting them slightly, you can adjust the balance between frame rate and graphics quality and select the optimum results for your computer. The game will have configured itself automatically for many aspects of your computer on the first occasion you played. If you have changed something, and don't remember the original configuration, press the "Calibrate" button. An auto-calibration will be executed where the game will re-set itself to your computer. Audio The game allows you to choose whether or not to have sound effects and CD music, and at what volume levels you wish to hear these sounds. Simply select the volume you want using the sliders, and switch between 3D and stereo sound (depending upon the capabilities of your sound card). As the game reads information and music from the Motocross Mania CD during play, your audio CDs cannot be played from within the game. The volume setting will not have any effect if you have switched the sound off in the Windows sound mixer configuration. Tip:- If you select 3D sound but your sound card does not support 3D hardware sound, the game will slow down a lot. [. . . ] This Agreement may be modified only by a written instrument specifying the modification and executed by both parties. In the event that any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be unenforceable, such provision shall be enforced to the greatest possible extent, with the other provisions of this Agreement to remain in full force and effect. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties, and supersedes any oral or written communications, proposals or prior agreements between the parties or any dealers, distributors, agents or employees. This Agreement ceases automatically (without any form of notice) if You do not comply with any Agreement provision. [. . . ]


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