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[. . . ] After the stunning attack at Pearl Harbor, Japan went on to seize vast areas of the South Pacific in one swift victory after another. Only on the Philippines, where American and Philippine troops bravely held out in defiance at Corregidor, was the tide held at bay for a time while Allied British, Australian, Dutch and American forces struggled to consolidate and forge a line of resistance. While decisive naval engagements were being fought in the Coral Sea and later near Midway, allied forces mustered in distant outposts for the inevitable counterattack against Imperial Japan. Marines landed at Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands and began the long march back on the road to Tokyo while forces from the ANZAC command threw down the gauntlet in New Guinea. [. . . ] To change a hex's elevation select the appropriate number from the Elevation pop-down menu. You can then left-click in a hex to change the base level of that terrain to the selected level. See also "Cluster Fill" and "Rectangular Fill" on page 96. Note: A vehicle (only) is not allowed to cross a hexside if the elevation "delta" of that hexside is >50m (regardless of the number of elevation level changes along that hexside). Important: It is important that all elevation "breaks" (the elevation changes between adjacent hexes) be limited to a maximum of three (though most breaks should still only be a height of one), as the 3D map hexside graphics do not support elevation changes of four or more. TIP #2 BASE ELEVATION & DELTA: The map editor's default values for these are "0" (sea level!) and "25" respectively. Editing your Map Once you have pressed the Make Map button (or have elected to edit an existing map), the map editor program will open. However, you can change the view at any time to whatever map view you find easiest to work in. The entire map can be "rotated" 180º (thus allowing you to view it with its "top edge" at the "bottom"). It is a good idea to plan the layout of your map so that the opposing forces will end up being situated roughly along the top and bottom edges. Thus, a player can always view "his" units along the "nearer" bottom edge, facing the enemy along the "further away" top edge. Map Dimensions The Map Editor's Tool Bar You may have decided that the original dimensions you selected for your map were not large enough, or too large, depending on the overall scenario you wish to create. You can raise (or lower) the entire map's "base" terrain by selecting Extent in the Menu Bar, then selecting Raise (or Lower). 94 TalonSoft's rising sun The Map Editor The Order of Battle (OOB) Editor Cluster Fill: Hold down the SHIFT key when left-clicking a "full hex" terrain type on the map to fill in the clicked-on hex, as well as the six adjacent hexes. Rectangular Fill: Hold down the Ctrl key after selecting the upper/left corner, then, while continuing to depress the Ctrl key, click on the lower/right hex to have the selected terrain type fill in. After using either "fill" feature, you may want to "touch" them up so they do not look like they are placed on the map in a pattern. Adding or removing some terrain hexes to the outer edges will make the terrain "fill" look more natural. Bridges: If you wish to create a bridge across one or more full hexes of water, simply create a road (paved, unpaved, RR or path) in a "straight line" (i. e. , without curving) across that water hex and the program will automatically create a "full hex" heavy bridge. Roads placed across water should not "turn" or the program will not place a bridge. Note: Full-hex bridges can be damaged, and pontoon bridges can be placed, in the Scenario Editor. Saving the Map File From the "File" pop-down menu, select Save. Your map file will be saved in the Rising Sun directory with the extension . map. Once you have completed and saved your map you can leave the map editor by selecting Exit from the File pop-down menu. Note: It is a good idea for you to save your map file, your order of battle file, and, eventually, your scenario file, all with the same name. For example, if you are creating a Tulagi scenario, save your map as Tulagi. map, your order of battle as Tulagi. org and your scenario file as Tulagi. scn. The Order of Battle (OOB) Editor Besides needing a map, each scenario also requires an "org" (short for "organization") file. [. . . ] "C" Force to Hong Kong - A Canadian Catastrophe 1941-1945 Griess, Thomas. Atlas of the Second World War: Asia and the Pacific, New Jersey, Avery Publishing Group, Inc. Crisis of Command: Australian Generalship and the Japanese Threat, 19411943, Connecticut, Australian National University Press. Guadalcanal Island Ordeal, New York, Ballantine Books Inc. 1971 Kirby, Stanton, Woodburn. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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