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[. . . ] Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects. Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms--children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by taking the following precautions: · Play in a well-lit room. [. . . ] A more difficult turn that might require braking or skidding to negotiate. A ramp or severe bump that could cause your car to take significant air. If there are no more races, retiring moves you into the Event Results. 12 Race Options Menu Pause Menu 13 Career Mode Everyone has to start somewhere. From there, you have to race to prove yourself and unlock new cars and tougher events. Each event consists of several stages, but you don't need to win every stage to win an event. You also can earn points through achieving a high top speed, excellent lap time, and avoiding car damage. After each event, your points are added to your overall total, bringing you closer to qualifying for a new event class and unlocking new cars. As you progress through the different race classes--Pro, Expert, Classic, and Unlimited--you unlock groups of cars that help you stay competitive. Consistently superior racers are rewarded with special bonus cars (see page 19). In the Beginner difficulty setting, you are able to restart a stage during an event. In either difficulty setting, retiring from a stage moves you to the next stage or to the Event Results if you are retiring from the event's final stage. Single Race Mode Single Race mode makes it possible for you to compete simultaneously against three computer-controlled opponents on any unlocked track. Instead of wheel-to-wheel competition, where you race directly against other cars, only one rally racer is on the track at any one time, and the racer with the best time at the end is the winner. As you complete each section, you cross a checkpoint, which shows you how your time compares to your competitors'. Even if an opponent is ahead of you in the first few sections, smart driving can put you into first place. Ice Racing In an Ice Race, you compete wheel-to-wheel against your opponents as you complete several laps around a slick, treacherous course. Careful braking, accelerating, and car balancing are key to keeping your fender out of the trackside snow banks. Rallycross Rallycross racing combines the thrill and skill of driving on mixed terrain with lap-based, wheel-to-wheel racing. Instead of staggered starts and best overall times, you pit your machine and abilities against three other racers at the same time. Hill Climb When you're in a Hill Climb, you face the standard array of rough terrain and unpredictable weather. The difference is one wrong move could send you screaming over a cliff. You must push your machine to the limits as you power your way up steep inclines and around treacherous corners to post the best time to the top of the mountain. Note that all single race and multiplayer races are wheel-to-wheel. 20 Race Type Descriptions Race Type Descriptions 21 Options You can adjust more than just your car's suspension and brakes in RalliSport Challenge. You also can tweak your controller, sound, HUD, and more through the Options menu. Controller: The Controller Settings menu makes it possible for you to choose from a wheel, keyboard, joystick, or gamepad, as well as preferred button or key configurations. Display Options: You can configure your HUD (shown on page 9), select which camera angles are available in-game, and adjust your graphics. [. . . ] Subaru -- Subaru and Impreza are the registered trademarks of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Suzuki -- "SUZUKI", "S" and "GRAND VITARA"/"GRAND ESCUDO" are trademarks of Suzuki Motor Corporation and used under the license. However, this product is neither manufactured nor distributed by Suzuki Motor Corporation. Toyota -- Toyota and Corolla names, emblems and body designs are trademark and/or intellectual property rights of Toyota Motor Corporation and used under license to Microsoft Corporation. [. . . ]


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