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[. . . ] Warning: To Owners Of Projection Televisions Still pictures or images may cause permanent picture-tube damage or mark the phosphor of the CRT. Avoid repeated or extended use of video games on largescreen projection televisions. Epilepsy Warning Please Read Before Using This Game Or Allowing Your Children To Use It. Some people are susceptible to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to certain flashing lights or light patterns in everyday life. [. . . ] These are described, in detail, below. 40 41 Battle Mode Keyboard Shortcuts Rout - The selected units flee for their lives. Note: If they run from the battlefield you lose them from this particular battle. The selected units work as one, offering new group formation strategies. Group Formation - Open the Group Formations drop down to order the selected group of units to adopt a group battle formation. Look At - Camera focuses on and behind the selected unit/s Withdraw from battle - Your entire army retreat from the Battle Map · Select unit(s) and then click on the desired command. · Any Menu option with an > indicates that other options will drop down if selected. · Currently selected orders are highlighted with an asterisk (*) Rally . . ALT + click Unit/s formation faces in the same direction on arrival at new location. . SHIFT + L 42 43 BATTLE FORMATIONS To be a master of warfare you must first become conversant with the techniques by which your army can overrun an opponent in the heat of battle. Whilst much may be down to the unit type and experience of individual soldiers, a wise Daimyo, familiar with the battle strategies of Sun Tzu, can triumph against seemingly overwhelming odds. Different unit formations have strengths and weaknesses, which a wise man will soon become patently aware of. Move answered by counter move is sure to occur when two mighty generals clash, so make sure you know your battlefield tactics when you take on the enemy!Changing Preset Formations In the heat of battle, a good general must be able to direct his troops quickly and surely. The ability to command multiple units and ensure they are in the formation best suited to that particular situation is a skill that must be learned through study and hard lessons at the hand of more experienced generals or Daimyo. or Right-click, then highlight FORMATION in the drop-down menu and highlight and click the Formation type you wish your selected units to adopt. Note: Clearly, it takes a certain amount of time to move into position. Ensure you allow enough time for your units to re-form or you may be trounced by the opposing army. Creating Line Formations Line formations are most important for your Missile-firing units (archers, arquebusiers and musketeers) since only the front ranks can fire. Stretching them out so they are two ranks deep ensures that all arms can be brought accurately to bear upon your enemy. Move the mouse so you are happy with the unit formation and release the Left Mouse button. Increases the damage your men inflict, but at the cost of their defence. Best used with missile-firing units (archers and arquebusiers) since only the front ranks can fire. Hints on using formations · If your men are attacked from the rear or from the flanks they fight much less effectively. [. . . ] Modified in later years to allow the presence of a second who cut off the victims head at the moment of agony. Abbreviated form of Sei-I-Tai Shogun (`barbarian subduing general'). The hereditary commander of the Japanese army who, until the revolution of 1867, exercised absolute rule under the nominal leadership of the emperor. Commonly known as warrior monks but some were thought to be non-ordained warriors recruited by the temples. [. . . ]


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