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[. . . ] 73 This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For information about the ESRB rating, or to comment about the appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3772. SILENT HUNTER 1 WAR BETWEEN THE WAVES SILENT HUNTER 2 WAR BETWEEN THE WAVES: What Comes with this Game by William P. Skate and the Fifth Fleet. " Appendix B provides a brief overview of submarine tactics. Appendix C describes the formulas for calculating a manual firing solution. Using the Mouse In this manual, the term "click" means to move the mouse pointer over the desired area of the screen and press either the left or right mouse button. [. . . ] Detonator mechanisms were deactivated at the point of firing to prevent them from exploding early while the torpedo "found its bearings. " The torpedo traveled for approximately 450 yards after firing before the safeties released and allowed the detonator, which was itself a small bomb, into contact with the normally inert explosive in the warhead. Since a spread of torpedoes were fired sequentially, they were equipped with a device to prevent the explosion of one torpedo from triggering premature explosions in those nearby. This anti-counter-mining device actually locked the magnetic exploder on some deep-running torpedoes, preventing detonation. Once the depth-setting problem was corrected, the next fault to appear was the tendency to detonate prematurely. In this case, it was the magnetic detonator that was found to be largely at fault. If the torpedo were running shallow, it would encounter the ship's magnetic field far enough away from Torpedo Types Three primary types of torpedoes were carried by U. S. Both the Mark 10 and Mark 14 were steam powered, 21 inches in diameter and used T. N. T. at the war's beginning, but were converted to torpex by war's end. The Mark 10 was the standard torpedo on the earlier S-boats, while the Mark 14 was used on the later fleet submarines, which were designed to accommodate its length. At the war's start, the Mark 10 had been in service on the older S-boats for a decade. Fitted with the Mark 3 contact detonator, the Mark 10 had a range of 3500 yards at a speed of 36 knots. While still 21 inches in diameter, it had been designed to be superior in almost every way. The Mark 14's normal range had been increased to 4500 yards at a speed of 46 knots, but was also capable of a greater range of 9000 yards at a lower speed setting of 31. 5 knots (although in practice this was rarely used). when first issued, but was later improved to carry a 668-pound torpex payload. The crucial difference between the Mark 14 and its predecessor was the Mark 6 detonator. Between the World Wars, the Mark 6 detonator was developed to take advantage of the magnetic field that ships created in the water around them. Besides a contact detonator similar to that used in the Mark 3, the Mark 6 used a magnetic detonator. Designed to explode the warhead as the torpedo passed through the target's magnetic field, the magnetic detonator effectively increased the target area. Conventional wisdom of the pre-war era held that an explosion under the keel of the ship caused more damage because of the presence of armor plating at the waterline and internal compartmentalization. For the sake of secrecy and economy, test firings by submarines used a dummy warhead or were set to pass beneath the target vessel. This was to avoid damaging the ship or torpedo and accustom SILENT HUNTER 53 TORPEDOES: Problems Arise SILENT HUNTER 54 TORPEDOES: The New Hope the target to cause a premature explosion. Several commanders also reported that torpedoes detonated shortly after arming. [. . . ] The program accompanying this rule book may be copied by the original purchaser only as necessary for use on the computer for which it was purchased. Any persons reproducing any portion of this book for any reason, in any media, shall be guilty of copyright violation and subject to the appropriate civil or criminal action at the discretion of the copyright holder(s). WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A DEFECTIVE CD OR DISK Each of our games undergoes extensive playtesting prior to its release. Through this process we hope to uncover and correct any errors in programming. [. . . ]


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