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[. . . ] Corak used to tell me stories of different, wondrous worlds with hideous monsters and mighty warriors. Little did I know that he spoke the truth and that a problem would arise from this truth that would drive him mad. One day while I was working on translations of a sorcerous scroll, Corak burst into the library with a harried look on his brow. He told me of an alien criminal from another reality who had escaped into our beloved CRON! [. . . ] Both are necessary for characters to advance in skill level and ability. The order in which both characters and monsters act is based on their individual speed. The fastest character or monster goes first, followed by the next fastest, and so on. When a monsters name is highlighted, it is that monsters turn to act in the current combat round. The character's name appears below Options for: when it is his/her turn in the current combat round. A character's or monster's turn in combat is known as combat initiative. On the right side of the screen is a list of monsters, in the order in which your party encounters them. A in front of a character number or monster letter indicates that the character or monster may engage in hand-to hand combat. With the exception of archers, characters who can engage in hand-to-hand combat cannot use missile weapons. The character list at the bottom I of the screen can be used to determine which character is in which battle position. If a character's name is highlighted it indicates a condition other than good. (See Chapter 1 for a description of the Character Profile. ) From the Character Profile, you may type & to return to the Quickref screen, or press ESC to return to combat. For Advanced Players To speed up combat, hold down CTRL and A together. The character with the combat initiative will: - attack the monster in position A, if engaged in hand-to-hand combat: - shoot the monster in position A, if not in hand-to-hand combat but in possession of a missile weapon; - block, if neither in hand-to-hand combat nor in possession of a missile weapon. Battle Over Combat continues until either side retreats or is completely destroyed. At the end of the battle, a message indicates the number of experience points gained in combat for each surviving member of your party. Party members who are dead, eradicated or turned to stoke do not receive experience points. After combat, the screen returns to the 3-D view of the world, your journey continues, and your party will return to its original marching order, regardless of any position changes made during combat. IMPORTANT: Before moving your party off the square within which combat occurred, SEARCH the square for treasure. You may, of course, take care of other business (healing wounds, resting, etc. ) before you search the square. Saving your Game If you need to interrupt the game, but save the experience points and other abilities gained by your characters during the most recent game session, you must take your party to the inn in one of the five towns and SIGN In. By answering Y (Yes) you will save your character's current statistics and status on your disk B copy. [. . . ] NAME: Wizard Eye COST: 3/L+2 Gems TYPE: Non-combat, indoors OBJECT: 5 steps per level of caster DESCRIPTION: Uses the magical eye of a powerful wizard to show a 5x5 overhead view of your party's location in any indoor maze. 37 Sorcerer Spells Level 4 1. NAME: Cold Beam COST: 1/L Gems TYPE: Combat OBJECT: 1 monster DESCRIPTION: Attacks with a beam of intense cold that penetrates to the monster's heart and inflicts 6 damage point per level of caster, unless the monster is immune to cold. 2 NAME: Feeble Mind COST: 4 SP+3 Gems TYPE: Combat OBJECT: 5 monsters DESCRIPTION: Erases the monsters brain, removing all its abilities for the duration of combat or until the monster overcomes the spell. NAME: Fire Ball COST: 1/L+3 Gems TYPE: Combat, not in hand to hand OBJECT: 6 monsters DESCRIPTION: Rolls a deadly ball of fire into the monsters' midst, inflicting 1-6 damage points per level of caster. [. . . ]


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