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[. . . ] It was some time before Olaf, Baleog, and Erik's egos deflated, but eventually life returned to normal in their small northern village. Or nearly so ­ for after their wild extraterrestrial adventures, the three brothers found themselves discontented with their former calm Viking lives. . . Dissatisfied with his job as senior polar bear wrangler, Baleog the Fierce auditioned for the Nordic Gladiators but stomped out in disgust when he was barred from bringing his own weaponry. It was then that Baleog realized his responsibility to pass on his skills to the next generation of Vikings. [. . . ] Press the SPACEBAR and an option to "Try Again" will appear. Norse by Norsewest will automatically save the last level you have completed, but it's a good idea to write these passwords down in the Password Log on page 23 in case you wish to skip to that level at a later date. Interplay Productions 9 CONTROLS Single-Player Controls RIGHT/LEFT ARROW KEYS Moves the curently selected character to the right or left. UP/DOWN ARROW KEYS Moves currently selected character up or down, including climbing ladders. PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN KEYS Moves the curently selected character diagonally up or down to the right. HOME KEY Moves the curently selected character diagonally up to the left. END KEY Moves the curently selected character diagonally down to the left. Z Selects the character to the left of the currently selected character. X Selects the character to the right of the currently selected character. ENTER KEY Activates a world item ­ flip switches, open treasure chests, query help boxes, etc. SPACEBAR Primary character function ­ Eric jumps or swims, Baleog slashes with his sword, Olaf raises or lowers his shield, Fang leaps and clings to walls, Scorch flaps his wings. Hold down the SPACEBAR while Scorch is in the air to make him glide like a majestic Olaf. Interplay Productions 10 SHIFT KEY Secondary character function ­ Eric charges (if already moving forward), Baleog punches or grabs with his bionic arm, Olaf farts (yes, he does!), Fang slashes with his claws, Scorch breathes fire. To release his grip on the jewel, press the SHIFT key again. Interplay Productions 14 Olaf the Stout NAME: Olaf the Stout AGE: 23 HEIGHT: 6'2" WEIGHT: 320 lbs ABILITIES: Shield: By pressing the SPACEBAR, Olaf can raise his shield above his head or hold it in front of himself. When raised it can a) provide protection from dangers above, b) will let other characters stand on top of it, c) allow him to glide down during a fall instead of plummeting to the ground. Fart: Olaf can emit a thunderous blast from the nether region by pressing the SHIFT key. This can destroy unstable floors, give Olaf an extra lift while gliding, annoys Baleog, nauseates Fang, and generally disgusts any parents watching over your shoulder. Dwarfing: By pressing the DOWN ARROW, Olaf will use his Titanium Dwarfing shield to become very small. This allows him to fit in some of the most narrowest places that none of the other Vikings can fit in. Push the UP ARROW to return Olaf to his normal round size. Interplay Productions 15 Fang the Werewolf NAME: Fang the Werewolf AGE: 24 HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 260 ABILITIES: Jumping: Fang can leap into the air by pressing the SPACEBAR. Be careful though, Fang is a pretty big guy and he tends to slowly slide down walls he has clung to. By pressing the SPACEBAR while clinging to a wall, he will leap into the air again. (Hint: If two walls are close enough, Fang can climb the walls by jumping back and forth between the two. ) Claws: By pressing the SHIFT key, Fang will use his razor sharp claws to rip his opponent apart. Interplay Productions 16 Scorch the Dragon NAME: Scorch the Dragon AGE: 99 HEIGHT: 6'3" WEIGHT: 285 ABILITIES: Jumping: Pressing the SPACEBAR will make Scorch leap into the air. Flying: While in the air after a jump, Scorch can majestically flap his wings to fly up in the air by pressing the SPACEBAR again. [. . . ] The Interplay BBS: We have a 24-hour, 7-day a week multiline BBS available for customer questions, support and fixes. (Excluding toll charges. ) America Online: You can E-mail Interplay Customer Support at IPTECH. To reach our Customer Support board in the Industry Connection, press CTRL-K for "Go To Keyword. " Then type INTERPLAY in the Keyword window. In addition to reading and leaving messages, you can download fixes and demos from the "Software Libraries. " CompuServe: We are available for IBM and compatible on-line support. We are located in the Game Publishers B Forum, type GO GAMBPUB at any "!" prompt. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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