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[. . . ] the final frontier. " The gamemaster will be able to design "strange new worlds" for the players to explore and "new life and new civilizations" for them to seek out. Included is a section giving new gamemasters hints to help them with their own designs. There is a chapter giving hints on presenting scenarios, on the art, if you will, of being a gamemaster. This includes how to create descriptions that will excite players and how to use all types of game aids, including maps. [. . . ] Most often, this choice will be made together with the players, though the choices of Captain and First Officer should be made by the gamemaster. The Captain should be a player character for all shipboard adventures. In planetside adventures, he may be an NPC if the gamemaster (as most often is the case) decides to divorce the landing party from the enormous resources that the ship provides. A character's position may be anything from a lowly Security Ensign to the Captain of the vessel itself. Department head positions available include Chief Engineer, Chief Communications Officer, Chief Navigator, Chief Helmsman, Chief Medical Officer, Science Officer, and Security Chief. Obviously, it would be no fun to play a junior research chemist stuck in the lab while everyone else gets landing party duty!In planetside adventures, the more important officers seem to be, in order of importance, the Captain, the Science Officer, the Medical Officer, the Security Chief, and then the Engineer. In shipboard adventures, the more important officers seem to be the Captain, the Chief Engineer, the Helmsman, the Science Officer, the Navigator, and the Communications Officer. The gamemaster should encourage the players to be somewhat more realistic about landing party composition than the TV episodes were. Gamemasters should definitely nor allow the Captain and all bridge personnel to beam down for every landing party, armed to the teeth and ready for anything. If they do this too often, after all, there's always the chance something important could happen on board while everyone was planetside!Although a character's MAX OP END and CURR OP END scores may go down and then up again several times in the course of a game because of temporary and wound damage and subsequent healing, they may never go above the original END score. Permanent damage may reduce the END score permanently, but this will not happen often. RACIAL MODIFIERS TO ATTRIBUTES INT STR END PLAYER CHARACTER RACES Human Andorian + 10 +5 Caitian^ -5 Edoan -5 Tellarite +5 +5 Vulcan + 20 + 10 + 10 NON-PLAYER CHARACTER RACES Klingon + 10 +5 Romulan +5 + 10 Orion . -30 Gorn; + 30 + 25 Tholian -10 + 10 N/A DEX CHA . LUC - PSI -30 -20 -30 -35 -40 - + 20 + 15 +5 + 30 -20 N/A +5 - -10 -20 - -20 -10 -15 -20 -40 -40 -10 -25 -10 -20 -20 Intellect (INT) Characters with high INT scores will be able to gain more skills and create higher Skill Ratings than characters with lower INT scores. Characters with high INT scores also will find training at the Star Fleet Academy easier. -50 -20 -30 -10 -40 N/A Dexterity (DEX) Characters with high DEX scores move faster, have more actions, and are more accurate than others. -10 + 30 -20 -20 Charisma (CHA) CHA scores are averaged with Skill Ratings in Negotiation/ Diplomacy and Leadership to influence NPCs. The exact interpretation of any character's CHA attribute score should be discussed between the player and the gamemaster. Bonus Points Luck (LUC) Characters with a high LUC score may be able to succeed even when they might normally have failed, simply because of their LUC. To find the number of bonus points, roll D100, divide by 2, and round up. No more than 30 points may be added to any one attribute, and no attribute score may be raised to more than 99 by adding bonus points. Initially, it is a good idea to have characters with close to even scores in all attributes, because these characters are the easiest to play. Nevertheless, there are some places where adding the bonus points changes the character in 23 great ways, and the gamemaster should be aware of these trends, perhaps communicating them to players. Adding To INT The most important use of bonus points is in INT, for characters gain many bonus skills and other training benefits with an INT score of at least 60, but preferably 70. Probably the first place a character should add his bonus is to the INT roll to bring it to 70. Adding To LUC: The same may be true of the LUC roll, but this may be harder to bring to 70 and may not be worth the points that it takes. [. . . ] The kind letters we have received about the first edition lead us to believe that we succeeded in this regard, and the second edition continues to reflect this philosophy. Tepool Any ambitious project has its design holes, and this one is/was no exception. It was my aim to plug most of the holes and revise most of the glitches that came to light in my rewrite of the first edition. I have added to the fine work done by Guy, Greg, and Dave, hoping to make this edition easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use by the younger gamer, who enjoys games like this with an intensity not often matched by we older folk. Wm. [. . . ]


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