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[. . . ] O'Hara Manual Layout and Design BlueSpark Studios Packaging Layout Ulises Gerardo Technical Consulting Yuri Prikhodko Lead QA Tony "Tiger" Kotelenets Quality Assurance Ron "Iron" Amaral Brian "Infrared" Bekian Jason "Blackthorne" Bender Seth "Nero" Christian Daniel "Lobo" Constant Ron "Checkmate" De Los Santos John "Firefox" Graham Chris "Icepick" Lauw Jeremiah "Apocalypse" Maza Douglas "Graveyard" Rothman Computer Maintenance Glenn Kronick Special Thanks Dave Ferguson Lt. General Robert Springer, USAF-ret Lee Milligan David Pollack Karly Young James Lamorticelli Jacqueline Lay Matt Ruhl Tara Stivers Kris Kraves Dorothy Peters Lisa Nielsen Rozita Tolouey Paul Walkden 04 Credits Introduction In 1939, the Soviet Union under the control of Joseph Stalin recognized Nazi Germany's intentions to build for war. With the hasty urgings from the Commissariat of the People for the Aviation Industry, an experimental construction bureau named Polikarpov OKB started work on the prototype of the MiG-1 fighter plane, so named for its principal designers Artyom Ivanovich Mikoyan and Mikhail Iosifovich Guryevich. By 1940, the first MiG rolled out armed with a 12. 7mm UBS machine gun with 300 rounds, two 7. 62mm ShKAS machine guns with 375 rounds per gun and two 50-kg FAB-50 bombs. [. . . ] Your Altimeter, in the box on the left side of the HUD, gives you the altitude of your aircraft, in meters Above Ground Level (AGL). 46 Flying Climb Out to Mission Altitude · When you reach an altitude of about 7500 meters, level off. You can do this manually by using the joystick, or you can just press the L key. You are ready to continue with your mission. Basic Flight Maneuvers Your piloting skills will improve with understanding and practice only. You should take ample time to master each of the Basic Flight Maneuvers (BFM) listed below. This fundamental understanding is key to your survival. Always know where you want to put the plane. You should make deliberate and controlled movements to get it there. Turns The first of the Basic Flight Maneuvers to master is the simple turn. Practice turning until you can do so with precision, and without wasting time, altitude, or airspeed. Flying · Start this series of turns from level flight. You will not, of course, always be in level flight when you initiate a turn, but for this practice session start from straight and level. Use the L key to level your aircraft if you have trouble keeping it stable. Check the compass indicator in the box at the top of your HUD to determine your compass heading. The boxes at the side of the HUD will tell you your airspeed and altitude above sea level. Ideally, a roll should not include any forward or backward pressure on the joystick, and you should come out of the roll headed in exactly the same direction you were headed when you started it. Flying · Make sure you have plenty of altitude and airspeed, then get into level flight and check your airspeed, heading, and altitude for reference. Hold the stick to the left as you roll through inverted flight and back to your original orientation, then level off. You should be headed in the same direction you were when you started the roll, and you should not have lost very much speed or altitude. If you did lose a lot of speed or height, that probably means you were performing the roll too slowly. 49 · Practice rolls. Always try to make your motions smooth and definite, with a precise objective in mind. Practice rolling until you can perform the maneuver without causing too much change in the direction your aircraft is headed. Half-Roll The full roll is not really a very useful maneuver. It is an important component of several of the more complex flight maneuvers, like the Immelmann and the Split-S. · Get yourself plenty of altitude and airspeed, then check your compass heading for reference. Push the stick right or left, and hold it in that position until you are flying inverted. Use the HUD Pitch Ladder to determine when you have achieved inverted flight. Stop the roll when your wings are level and you are flying upside down. Properly done, a half-roll should be quick and precise, without overshooting the roll and having to correct. [. . . ] NO ADVERTISING, DESCRIPTION OR REPRESENTATION, WHETHER MADE BY A NOVALOGIC DEALER, DISTRIBUTOR, AGENT OR EMPLOYEE, SHALL BE BINDING UPON NOVALOGIC OR SHALL CHANGE THE TERMS OF THIS DISCLAIMER OR THE LIMITED WARRANTY ON MEDIA SET FORTH ABOVE. NOVALOGIC DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE FUNCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE NOVALOGIC PRODUCT WILL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS, OR THAT THE OPERATION OF THE NOVALOGIC PRODUCT WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE, OR THAT DEFECTS IN THE PRODUCT WILL BE CORRECTED. FURTHERMORE NOVALOGIC DOES NOT WARRANT OR MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS REGARDING THE USE OR THE RESULTS OF THE USE OF THE PRODUCT OR RELATED DOCUMENTATION IN TERMS OF THEIR CORRECTNESS, ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, OR OTHERWISE. NO ORAL OR WRITTEN INFORMATION OR ADVICE GIVEN BY NOVALOGIC OR NOVALOGIC'S AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE SHALL CREATE A WARRANTY OR IN ANY WAY INCREASE THE SCOPE OF THIS WARRANTY. [. . . ]


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