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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Individuals who make unauthorized copies of software may be subject to civil and criminal penalties. Brøderbund Software, Inc. , supports the industry's efforts to fight the illegal copying of personal computer software. Report copyright violation to: SPA 1730 M Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 (202) 452-1600 (TSA). For the past eleven years, it has been your incredible duty to protect history from any threat that could disastrously change it. [. . . ] Topics that are italicized are topics that you have already discussed. You may, at any point, repeat a question by clicking it. CAPTURE CURSOR When you are within range for the Chameleon Device to capture a native citizen's image, the Panning Cursor will change into the CAPTURE CURSOR. Once you click the mouse button, the image of the person will be stored in the Chameleon JumpSuit's Image Database. After you have captured a person's guise, the Capture Cursor will no longer appear over that character. To assume a captured guise, click the Chameleon Suit at the bottom of the interface. Select one by scrolling over the guise you want to assume and click on it. NOTE: The Chameleon JumpSuit automatically sorts the image data for each historical environment and will not allow you to assume the guise of a native from a different time zone. You are not allowed to speak with anyone without a native guise, nor are you allowed to try to speak with someone using their own guise. 18 19 THE JOURNEYMAN PROJECT STORY ZOOM IN/ZOOM OUT There are objects and sites in the game that you will need to inspect closely. Whenever the cursor becomes a magnifying glass with a plus sign, you are able to zoom in, allowing a closer view of what you are looking at. After you have seen the zoom in, a ZOOM-OUT CURSOR, a magnifying glass with a negative sign, allows you to return to your normal view. This is a timeline of the pivotal events that shaped the unique Journeyman world. Gage is a decorated hero who has distinguished himself several times over, earning a reputation as the TSA's top agent. When Elliot Sinclair attempted to alter history, Gage stopped the scientist's plot. To clear his name, Gage traveled back into the past to enlist the aid of the only person he could trust-- himself. The former Gage accepted the challenge and managed to clear the name of his future counterpart. However, before the former Gage could return to the past, he had to be selectively mindwiped, so knowledge of his future would not change history. Lately, Gage has been deeply troubled over his inability to remember the pursuit of Agent 3 and the loss of his friend Arthur. AGENT 3 - MICHELLE VISARD Once one of the TSA's top agents, Michelle went rogue because of her belief that time travel was too dangerous for humanity to possess alone. During her years of research into Earth's war-torn past, Agent 3 saw how technology was terribly abused. She devised a plot to balance the power by delivering time travel to a race known as the Krynn. During a confrontation with Gage Blackwood, Agent 3 was enveloped by a violent flood of temporal energy and was inadvertently thrown back into the time stream. She is now presumed dead. 22 23 TSA CHIEF ENGINEER - WILLIAM DAUGHTON William Daughton is the TSA's chief engineer. Sinclair's temporal research, Daughton improved on the original Pegasus time machine and created the JumpSuits, the TSA's self-contained time travel suits. [. . . ] Look down and you will see a diagram of circles and numbers drawn in dirt. Roll the cursor over the time code and the Zoom-In Cursor will appear. You have found the time code and completed the destroyed Atlantis puzzle. Once it finishes, you will resume your search for Agent 3 in the other two time zones. [. . . ]


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