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[. . . ] f you don't believe that, try I depending on luck to guide your party safely through hE DARK QuEEIY or 1SRYNN! It's skill that heroes can depend on . But skill alone is not enough - you need wisdom, knowledge, and information before you can set any plans into action . AE DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN provides this information - you get everything you need to succeed: CLUE BooK Detailed maps for the entire game, including locations of all major events in the adventure . :· Lists of all major magical treasures and their locations . :· Descriptions of encounters and treasures so you won't miss any part of the adventure or loot!To ORDER: VISA/MC-call 1-800-245-4525 (in USA & Canada) . ADVANCED DUNGEONS & oouooos, oMaonuncE and the TSR logo are 12demanKs owned by and used under ( , p license born TSR, Inc. Inc AI rights reserved. By mail - send check or money order for $12 . 95 plus $3. 50 shipping & handling to : Electronic Arts, P . O . [. . . ] The character's chance of being resurrected is influenced by his constitution . DYING (combat only) status indicates the character has between -1 and -9 P, and is bleeding to death . Use the BANDAGE command to have another character stop the bleeding before the character dies . Nothing can bring the character back to life . · READY changes the status of a weapon, armor, or other item . Arrows and crossbow bolts are assumed to be in a uiver and can be readied at all times. Some items take both hands when readied (bows, uarter staffs, etc . ), some take only one (long swords, wands, etc . ), and others take no hands (rings, armor, etc. ) . READY is sometimes abbreviated ROY . · USE activates an item. See the Combat section for details about the Aim Menu . ADVENTURING After setting up your party and reading the background information in the Adventurer's ournal, it is time to head for adventure and glory . The party will engage in fierce battles, find treasures, and sometimes have to stop, recuperate, and memori e spells for future use during adventures . · TRADE from the items Menu transfers an item from one character to another . ighlight an item to trade, select TRADE, then select a character to receive the item . Remember: a conscious NPC will not give up items . · DROP permanently removes items from a character. Dropped items may not be recovered. Display Screens and Points of View he DARK QUEEN OF icRmN uses four different points of view : 3-D, Area, ilderness, and Combat . · ALVE divides a bundle of like items into two bundles . For example, ALVE would turn one bundle of 42 Arrows into two bundles of 21 each . This is handy for dividing items to distribute among party members . Adventuring Options Encamping The following menu controls basic adventuring, moving, encamping and casting spells . ADVENTURE MENU AREA CAST VIE ENCAMP SEARC LOOK INV The party can use the arrow keys or mouse to turn right or left, turn around or move forward. Normal movement in 3-D or Area mode takes one minute of game time per s uare . This command may not be available in some regions . AREA The Encamp Menu includes options such as saving the game, resting to heal and memori e spells, and changing items such as game speed or party order. ALT displays the Alter Menu that is used to change the characters in the party and the parameters of the game . ALTER MENU ORDER DROP SPEED ICON LEVEL E IT them on the party, and then rememori e their previous spells automatically . If the party is severely damaged, you may need to select FI more than once . LOAD allows you to load a saved game to replace your current game without first exiting from T1iE DmK QueEn or KRYNN. This may be desirable if your current game is in an untenable position, or if you have accidentally loaded the wrong game . SAVE stores the characters and current game to the saved game disk or directory . Saved games may be loaded either from the Starting Menu when you start the game or from the Party Creation/Training all Menu . E IT returns to the Adventuring Menu . Magic ENCAMP MENU · ORDER changes how the characters are listed VIE MAGIC REST ALT FI LOAD SAVE E IT VIE displays the View Menu and the character screen of the active character . [. . . ] TAKE permits the active character to pick up treasure from defeated monsters. This only appears if the monsters had a treasure or the party has pooled its funds . A character carrying a large number of coins and heavy e uipment may be slowed in combat . TAKE MENU ITEMS MONEY E IT · SPEED END AIM USE CAST TURN GUARD QUICK DELAY BANDAGE YELL VIE MANUAL permits the player to aim anywhere on the map. owever, only targets in the character's line of sight can actually be fired at. · TARGET is used to fire a missile or spell at The arrow keys or mouse may be used to move a character to adjacent s uares . [. . . ]


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