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[. . . ] The Elder Scrolls Arena Player's Guide A DIVISION OF MEDIA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED It is illegal to make unauthorized copies of this software This software is protected under federal copyright law. It is illegal to make or distribute copies of this software except to make a backup copy for archival purposes only. Duplication of this software for any reason including for sale, loan, rental or gift is a federal crime. Penalties include fines of as much as $250, 000. 00 and jail terms of up to five years. [. . . ] Smart planning can ensure your arrival at a particular town in time to take advantage of the festivities: 39 Holiday Name New Life Festival South Winds Prayer Heart's Day First Planting Jester's Day Second Planting Mid Year Celebration Merchants Festival Sun's Rest Harvest's End Tales and Tallows Witches Festival Emperor's Day Warriors Festival North Winds Prayer The way dates are displayed in the world are: (day), (date) day of (month), (year) or, Tirdas, 5th day of Hearthfire, 3E 389 Date 1st day of Morningstar 15th day of Morningstar 16th day of Sun's Dawn 7th day of First Seed 28th day of Rain's Hand 7th day of Second Seed 16th day of Mid Year 10th day of Sun's Height 20th day of Sun's Height 27th day of Last Seed 3rd day of Hearthfire 13th day of Frostfall 30th day of Frostfall 20th day of Sun's Dusk 1st day of Evening Star Talking to the People With over 400 places to see, Tamriel is a vast continent indeed. As you explore this world you will probably find it necessary to converse with people in the various cities, towns, and villages. To do so you simply left click a person when the cursor is an `X'. The people of Tamriel are honest folk, who although they may not know all the information, will not lie to you. Just as a warning, if you have your weapon drawn people will not pause to speak to you, but will instead `mind their own business'. You will have the following choices: Who are you? The person will reply with their occupation or livelihood, whatever that may be. 40 Where is. . . You can ask where a particular place is by clicking it off of the picklist that appears, or you can click the options near the bottom of the picklist and ask the person for the nearest place, whether that be an inn, temple, or equipment store. One note, Inns and Taverns are the same thing. Rumors. . . You will have the ability to ask about general rumors, those that have to do with events such as holidays or economic status of the city you are in, or you can ask about work rumors. Work rumors basically let you know what latest opportunities exist around town for making a little extra gold. Exit This exits the conversation. Getting Quests When talking to people you may find yourself in the position of getting a quest. These can range from any number of things, from a simple delivery job, to slaying a creature that has terrorized the town. Sometimes people may even inscribe locations of forgotten crypts or other mystical places onto your continental map. The most important thing to remember in these situations is your Logbook. In there you will find a concise synopsis of what you have agreed to do. You will also find the location of any place they may have inscribed onto your map. For instance, the person you are talking to may tell you the location of Fang Lair, but you would have to search through blow ups of each province until you located the one with a new dungeon icon on it. If you look at your logbook however, on there will be noted the province in which Fang Lair can be found. When you receive your your 17th quest, and every quest thereafter, the logbook will replace the oldest entry with this new one. It is highly recommended that if you wish to save your log entries, you periodically print out the logbook for later use. See `Logbook' for further details. The Temples The temples of any City-State, Town, or Village are the haven of active adventurers. Here you can be healed, curses can be lifted, and diseases can be cured. Temples also offer blessings for those about to enter the wilderness or dungeons. Keep in mind that prices will vary from city to city and province to province. There are important main services a Temple provides: 41 Healing injured characters so that they can continue their adventures. For a small fee based upon the damage to the victim, a character can be healed of all injury sustained, whether they arrived at their dire state through magical or mundane combat. [. . . ] Try (carefully) sliding out a little further before casting. 83 It seems like playing certain characters gives me an advantage. While it is certainly true that certain classes have advantages over others, they are balanced out by needing more experience points at each level. As a result a Thief class character will generally be of a higher level than say a Spellsword. This directly translates into a better chance to hit an opponent, better saving throws, and higher base stats. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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