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[. . . ] The instructors at this academy, every one of which walked these halls as a student at one time, will mould you into a fearless and deadly instrument to ensure the future of our Empire or break you and leave you behind. You may succeed, and success is rewarded with a command upon graduation, but most likely you will fail, which means dismissal and immediate return to your previous posting, but in either event your attendance here places you among a select group of the finest warriors in the Empire. Glory and honour to you, and your house. QAPLA' GENERAL CHANG COMMANDANT, KDF ELITE COMMAND ACADEMY SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS To play Star Trek®: Klingon AcademyTM you must meet or exceed the following system requirements. Pentium 2 / 233MHz CPU 64 MB RAM DirectXTM - certified 3D accelerator card w/8 MB RAM DirectXTM 7. 0 Windows® 95/98 DirectXTM- certified soundcard 500 MB free hard drive space Mouse Keyboard 12x CD-ROM Multiplayer: 56. 6 modem connection, minimum, Supports ADSL & Cable modem, 6 players internet, 8 players LAN INSTALLING STAR TREK®: KLINGON ACADEMYTM Place Star Trek: Klingon Academy CD-ROM #1 into your CDROM drive. [. . . ] Objects above, below or on the sides of the player's ship appear at the outer edges of the displays. If this mode is selected, the aft display is located in the upper left corner of the HUD while the forward display remains in the upper right. The target aspect angle display moves to the upper centre of the HUD. MISCELLANEOUS HUD INDICATORS TARGETING RETICLE: The targeting reticule indicates the direction of travel for the starship as well as the aiming point if in manual targeting mode. TARGET DIRECTION INDICATOR: A small red triangle moves around the targeting reticule that always points to the centre of the Targeted Ship Indicator, indicating which direction you should turn to acquire the target. TRACTOR BEAM DIRECTION INDICATORS: Similar to the Target Direction Indicator, a small triangle moves around the targeting reticule indicating the direction of a tractor link. These indicators indicate which direction you should turn to face the target of your tractor beam in the case of a blue triangle, or to face the enemy that has you in a tractor beam of their own. TARGETED SHIP INDICATOR: When you target an object, a target indicator is placed upon that object's graphic. The arrows making up the targeting indicator are yellow-orange if the enemy is outside of primary weapon range, dark red if the enemy is within primary weapons range, and bright red if within range of the secondary weapons. MAGNIFICATION INDICATOR: Near the targeting reticule, a small text readout will appear of the magnification of the main view screen is set to any level other than normal. 41 EMERGENCY MANEUVERS Through the VOS or via hotkeys you can send an immediate command to the Helmsman to perform a dangerous emergency manoeuvre. By pressing Emergency Turn, the ship will be allowed to make sharp turns in excess of its design specifications. By pressing Emergency Stop, the ship will come to a complete stop very quickly and will transfer movement power to shields. Targets above this line are above your ship, and targets below the line are below your ship as well. The thinner dashed lines above and below the horizontal centreline indicate the maximum elevation/depression of the gunnery chair. As in the HUD radar modes, known enemy vessels will appear as red dots, friendly vessels will appear as blue dots, and unidentified vessels will appear as gray dots, and heavenly bodies will appear as gray dots or circles. Ships that are detected while cloaked will appear as a blinking white dot. WEAPONS INDICATORS Below each arc segment of the Gunnery Radar are icons that represent all weapons in the arc section above them. Each type of weapon gets a different icon, and each weapon tube or emitter gets its own icon. For example, if a ship has 2 photon torpedoes tubes, there would be two icons of the same type here, the type representing the fact that they are photon torpedo tubes and the number indicating there are two separate launchers. If the target is capable of being hit by an individual weapon, the icon turns green. Destroyed weapons show up as dark gray. ENGINEERING The Engineering Screen is the master power grid for the starship. The power controls from every officer's station (interface screen) are duplicated here so you can more effectively manage your ship's power. From this screen you can review your starship's overall power allocation at a glance, and prepare power allocation macros that will redirect power to all ship stations with a single keystroke or verbal order. 42 MASTER POWER GRID From the Engineering station you may manually adjust the amount of power requested by a ship system. There are four different types of controls on these screens that are used to make power requests. [. . . ] Marketing Stacy Bremmer Paul Naftalis Creative Services ManagerKathy Helgason Production Manager Thom Dohner Traffic Manager Brian Harkins Package Layout and Design Larry Fukuoka Manual Layout and Lee Fleshman Design (US) Schlieker Design Public Relations Heather McLaughlin Project `Grandfather' James Boone Inon Zur Members of the Seattle Philharmonic and Chorus Music Editing by Rick Jackson Ron Valdez Pull Dialog Editing by Frank Szick Stephen Miller Additional Mastering by Frank Szick DIALOG VO Direction & Casting by Chris Borders VO Recorded At Screenmusic Studios VO Engineer Ernie Sheesley CINEMATICS AUDIO Music by Additional Music by Additional Music Mixing by Foley Recorded at EFX by Rick Jackson Albert Olson Rick Winquest Eric Thompson (Foley Mixer) Sean Row (Foley Artist) 98 Wardrobe Assistants Renne Mary Ellen Teleprompt Sharon Ruiz First Aid Scott Baron Key Production Assistant Manny Michel Production Assistant 2 Andy Cheung Production Assistant 3 Darryl Garcia Craft Services Anita Lyman Hair Josee Normad Hair Assistants Charlottte Norma Casting Ron Surma, Star Trek production at Paramount CAST Christopher Plummer David Warner Wayne Grace Fritz Sperberg Andrew Palmer Blake Lindsley Blake Hammond J. McDonald Michael McFall John Shull Michael Bravehart VOICE CAST Gregg Eagles Michael Dorn Wayne Grace Michael Gough Barry Lynch Academy Medical Officer, Freighter Captain 3, Wingman 7, Captain Ignatius Wright Ron Taylor Civil War Science Officer, Mobile Cargo Captain Philip Proctor Civil War Helm Officer, Takor, Commander Roq Ron Feinberg Civil War Medical Officer, WuHey, Federation Commander 1 Sean Smith Academy Science Officer, HoDIytI Officer, Adel Radsek Michael Clarke Duncan Opening Movie Klingons Based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991) Special Thanks to Rick Berman, Dave Rossi, Ron Surma and Dan Curry from Star Trek production and Juliet Dutton at Paramount DEVELOPER RELATIONS SPECIAL THANKS Brian Bruning, 3dfx Vaughn Rhodes, Rendition John Kim, Diamond Multimedia Chris Donahue, nVidia Jay Stocking, nVidia Jim Clardy, NEC Electronics Inc. Brett Schneff, Microsoft SPECIAL SCRIPTING THANKS Chris Holland Tom French SPECIAL THANKS FOR ADDITIONAL BALANCING & DESIGN INPUT Brad Sanders General Chang Gorkon Poktarl K'Mak Jaghjech K'Porak K'Mpec Melkor Toq Kalnor Weapons Officer Extra 1 Extra 2 Keven M. Carson Murphy Dunne John Shull James Horan Jamie Alcroft Lex Lang Torlek Thok Mak Poktarl Civil War Engineer, Battlestation Commander Academy Helmsman, ra'wI'a Captain, Freighter Captain 1, tIHoy Captain Civil War Communications Officer, Garlok, Starbase 1, Tholian Commander, Tutorial Instructor Civil War Marine Commander, VutwI' Hech Captain Academy Weapons Officer, Chang's Communications Officer, Wingman 1, Povaq Captain Academy Communications Officer, Federation Commander 2 Academy Engineer, Gorkon Allied Command, Starbase 2 Academy Security Officer, Freighter Captain 5, QeynoHo Academy First Officer, Hovak Captain, Starbase 3 Academy Marine Commander, Starbase 4, Wingman 2, Romulan Captain 2 Civil War Weapons Officer, Freighter Captain 2, Altair Star Captain, Soorex Civil War First Officer, Hopogh Captain, Fed. [. . . ]


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