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[. . . ] In addition, he instilled within the Shrines the ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of the environment, thus insuring the tests would survive the trials of time. However, while the search was still in its infancy, the island disappeared. (Actually, I suspect there is a correlation between this event and the Gargoyles's use of Exodus as a physical manifestation for Diligence. ) When word of the island's misfortune reached Lord British, he thought both the isle and the Shrines lost forever. However, lest thou consider the legends false, consider first that thou art reading a document written from within the walls of the ancient Castle of Fire! TRAVELER'S GUIDE At the moment, there is little hope of another ever laying eyes upon this watery land. [. . . ] The main land, upon which sits the Castle of Fire, is by far the largest of the three. Judging by what I have seen, these dungeons were excavated to hold the various tests designed to challenge the Avatar, for all three of them can be reached from within the castle walls. In addition to these entrances, the castle houses the Shrine of Principles, in which can be found the actual three Shrines of Truth, Love, and Courage. The smallest island hold nothing of interest, but the middle seems to possess as much of historical importance as its larger sister. The eastern side is almost devoid of plant life, and the sand and rocks indicate this was once a small quarry. Perhaps this is where Astelleron fabricated the legendary stone guardians of the Shrines. My exploration has been cursory thus far, but the books I saw in the house indicate an educated individual. There are two caves in the area, as well as a Moongate leading to and from the main island. The east cave exits into the open air; but this area is enchanted, and teleports me to a tunnel leading to a secluded glade. I cannot yet place the recollection, but I am sure the grouping of stones with the tree taking root in the center one, is familiar to me. Perhaps when I have seen more detail I will record my observations, but for now, this sums up my knowledge of the geographical aspects of the island. THE BESTIARY There is little remarkably different about most of the animals on the Isle of Fire. The rocks were denoting the legendary Stone of Castambre, and the tree was none other than its accompanying Tree of Life. Beyond a doubt this was one of Astelleron's sources for powering his awesome golems. I must locate his journals and tomes to read more, but -- if my memory serves -- the Tree of Life likely supplied not only the blood for his magicks, but the "hearts" as well. I saw more golems here than in either of the two dungeons, and remember seeing at least one man. However, he seemed no more interested in me than I was in him, so we both ignored each other. Peering around a corner, I caught sight of a huge and magnificent dragon -- doubtless the one I encountered earlier. I cannot guess what lay beyond, but her protective nature was probably indicative of its importance. Though I am too busy to waste time testing my idea, I expect the dragon would be quite difficult to conquer. I believe this will permit me to lengthen the time of most movement-based spells. All I need to do is increase the proportion of spider silk in relation to the amount of blood moss I have and. . . The dark cylinder I found on the second floor is more magical than I first detected. [. . . ] I have not fully determined this, but I suspect this is the remains of the infamous core of Exodus. When I have completed my studies and returned to the surface world, I must seek out the great lenses to the void and view the book of Infinite Wisdom. Perhaps, were I to combine the lenses in the alternate manner, I could amplify the effects and bring other objects from the void into being. Then I could. . . CONCLUSION I expect that if thou art perusing these pages then I have already bade the island arise. [. . . ]


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