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[. . . ] The game can't be played or enjoyed to its fullest extent without the information provided here. I tried to keep the documentation as close to the original as possible. However, I did take the liberty to correct a few minor grammatical and spelling errors. Millions of thanks go out to both Brian Reynolds (hurin@silcom. com) and Scott Leonard (e-mail: TrigonMan3@aol. com, web address: http://members. aol. com/trigonman3/ultima. html) who provided me with photocopies of their Ultima I documents. [. . . ] From a simple carved mace, reinforced with good iron, to the most exquisitely crafted greatswords of tempered steel, the weapons found in the shoppes of the Realm are truly works of art. `Tis rumored that some of the arms one may find in the distant reaches of our land surpass belief. Weapons ­ The workers of metal in Sosaria know no peer. 6 Transportation ­ Whilst one may travel throughout much of the Realm afoot, there are alternate means of transport that make short journeys pass more quickly, and longer journeys feasible where once such voyages seemed unattainable. Common modes of travel include the use of horses and of sea-going vessels. Uncommon modes of travel are also rumoured to exist. Magic ­ A once-forgotten discipline, the study of magic has enjoyed a renaissance since the coming of the evil Mondain. The practitioner of the arcane arts can purchase the needed tools of the trade in various magic shoppes scattered throughout the Realm. The food shoppes of Sosaria provide the local populace with fresh produce and meats, while the adventurer can find provisions therein that will last for weeks in the wilderness with no special care. Food ­ None can live without sustenance. Pubs ­ The people of our land are not without a certain fondness for strong spirits and lively companionship. Most settlements are graced with public houses where a tankard of strong ale from the region of Trinsic or a flagon of the best Jhelom mead may be had for but a few coins. Many of the people found in these taverns are quite friendly, and the ones serving the drinks are often fountains of wisdom and gossip. 7 Dungeons O ur land is an ancient one, where strange and wondrous beings once walked the earth and civilizations rose and fell. There are numerous underground labyrinths to be found throughout Sosaria, the handiwork of unspeakable creatures and unknown forces. These mazes have become the dwellings of many of the horrors unleashed by Mondain upon our poor land. Indeed, the lowest depths of some of these hellholes contain creatures that make even the staunchest warriors blanch and tremble. Yet these subterranean passages also contain caches of the ill-gotten gains of the predations of Mondain's minions. Through the efforts of a posterity-minded few, a collection of names and descriptions of the more common beasts hath been compiled and may be perused herein. T Archer, Hidden ­ So lacking in courage are the minions of the vile Mondain that his Archers only ply their trade from hiding places high in the treetops of the forests of Sosaria. Their aim, nonetheless, is accurate and many a traveler has died without ever knowing whence came the deadly rain of barbed shafts. Balron ­ Huge, leather-skinned daemon lords, the Balron are perhaps the most fearsome of the evil minions of Mondain. Armed with vicious barbed whips and the ability to cast devastating fireballs at their victims, these winged scions of Hell have proved to be the nemesis of the flower of Sosarian knighthood. Bat, Giant ­ Although the Sosarian Giant Bat is but a dumb brute, this large cousin of the more common vampire bat found in other lands is indeed a menace to those unfortunate enough to disturb its subterranean slumber. The Giant Bat lives on a diet of animal blood and is not averse to feasting on adventurers. Bear ­ The Hill Bear towers over the tallest human and is armed with saber-like claws capable of rendering even the stoutest plate armour in a single blow. These creatures are extremely ill-tempered and will attack without provocation. Carrion Creeper ­ These loathsome worms in habit the deeper reaches of most dungeons, where they feed on the corpses of any luckless creatures they encounter. The numerous legs on their segmented bodies are equipped with small barbs that allow them to move quickly on walls and along corridors. Carrion Creepers should be avoided at all costs. 12 Cyclops ­ A race of belligerent, one-eyed giants, the Cyclops dwelt in Sosaria long before humans ever landed on these shores. Driven underground many years ago, the Cyclops long to return to the surface and drive humans into the sea. Beware, for they will attack any adventurers on sight. Daemon ­ Fierce, bat-winged horrors armed with cruel talons and barbed tridents, Daemons were unknown in Sosaria hitherto the advent of Mondain. Drinkers of human souls, Daemons are said to relish the screams of tortured humans above all else. Dark Knight ­ Such is the corrupting influences of the foul Mondain that even the most virtuous of Sosarian chivalry are subject to fall under his sway. The land is now befouled with Dark Knights--predatory warriors who seek to waylay innocent travelers and to rob them of their hard-earned goods. Dragon Turtle ­ These fire-breathing, aquatic dragons inhabit the seas around Sosaria and are considered an even greater menace to mariners than the winds of a typhoon. [. . . ] These matchless trailblazers long watched over the preserves of the Sosarian nobility, but as Mondain's treachery took hold, many of them forsook their old ways and became predators themselves. He who is pursued by a Ranger must turn and make a stand, for once on a trail a Ranger will never give it up. Ranger ­ Alas! Rat, Giant ­ The underground passages of the Realm are prowled by oversized rodents, the result of Mondain's necromancy and an abundance of food on the form of victims of the Evil One's minions. The Sosarian Giant Rat is a vicious predator and should not be taken lightly. Skeleton ­ The progeny of Necromancers and undead Liches, Skeletons are the animated corpses of dead warriors from which the flesh hath withered and fallen away. They fight tirelessly in an effort to carry out the bidding of their dark masters. Spider, Giant ­ Few moments hold more terror for the intrepid explorer than when a Giant Spider, venom dripping from its fangs, is encountered in the corridor of a subterranean labyrinth. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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