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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] PLAYER'S GUIDE IBM-PC 386SX+ & 100% compatibles © 1992 ORIGIN Systems, Inc. STARTING THE GAME 1. If you haven't already done this, refer to the Install Guide included in this package for instructions. (For example, if you installed the game on your C-drive, type "C:" and ENTER. (If you selected our default directory, type "CD \UW" and ENTER). [. . . ] (For a list of the keyboard equivalents of these options, consult your Reference Card). When you click the Options icon, boxes appear on the left side of your screen, replacing the icons usually found there. Whenever you consider doing something you might regret later, it is a good idea to save your game. "Saving the game" is like placing a bookmark in something that you are reading, except that in this case it causes the game to store your current position and status. Once this has been saved, you can always go back and start again from the position you saved. If, for example, you're about to begin combat and there is a possibility your foe will kill you, save the game and you can always start over from the point at which you chose to fight. Then you can fight him again, hoping for a better outcome, or this time make the decision to leave him alone!To save your game, click with either mouse-button on the Options icon (the uppermost icon). Click on the "Save Game" box, and new options will appear in boxes: I, II, III or IV. Each of these is a possible save-game, or bookmark, from which you can resume playing the game. (The description for an unused saved game slot reads "<not used yet>. " It makes no difference which save-game you select. Click on any empty box (or a box representing a saved game you don't mind replacing). You want to enter something that will remind you where this bookmark is, and you can write as much as there is room for in the message scroll. When you are done, click either mouse-button (or press ENTER), and your game is saved. Note that you can't save a game when you have an item "in-hand, " or you're in the middle of some action (casting a spell, for example). During the course of play, your character may die or you may do something you wish you hadn't. You may just want to pick up where you left off in an earlier play session. This can be accomplished by restoring the game to a point at which you saved it. Do this by clicking the "Restore Game" box, then the roman numeral which matches the save-game you wish to restore. When the game is ready, a notice appears on the message scroll, and you can resume play. You can also restore a game from the main menu by selecting "Journey Onward" and then clicking on the name of the saved game you wish to play. This toggles music on and off, but has no effect unless you installed the game with music and sound effects. [. . . ] Iron Flesh (In Vas Sanct) Greatly increases your resistance to damage (duration spell). Roaming Sight (Ort Por Wis) Allows you to see the world from a bird's-eye view (duration spell). Tremor (Vas Por Ylem) Causes the ground to quake and rocks to burst (instantaneous spell). This skill aids you in correctly evaluating a deal offered you in barter. [. . . ]


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