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[. . . ] To escape ULTIMA VI, you need both brains and the killer instinct. The Story So Far You're a marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action. Three years ago you assaulted a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl Harbor, while you were transferred to Mars, home of the Union Aerospace Corporation. The UAC is a multi-planetary conglomerate with radioactive waste facilities on Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. [. . . ] (F4) This takes you to another menu where you can adjust the music and sound effects volume (see "The Volume Menu" below). Press the function key, F11 to lighten the screen through five different brightness levels. The Volume Menu This selection has a bar with a sliding marker, allowing adjustment of the sound effects volume from "off" to "maximum. " This selection also has a bar with a sliding marker, allowing adjustment of the music volume. On-Screen Information ULTIMA VI provides on-screen information that's necessary to survive. THE STATUS BAR MAIN AMMO: In big fat numbers, you see the number of shots you've got left in the weapon you're currently using. If a number is highlighted, the weapon is accessible by pressing that number. ("1" is always available. ) YOUR MUG: This portrait isn't just for looks. When you're hit, your face looks in the direction from which the damage came, telling you which direction to return fire. Also, as you take damage you'll begin to look like raw hamburger: ARMOR: Your armor helps you out as long as it lasts. AMMO: This shows how much of each type of ammo you're carrying and the maximum amount you could carry if you had it. ULTIMA VI tells you what you're picking up by printing a message at the top of the screen unless messages are off. THE AUTOMAP To help you find your way around ULTIMA VI, you're equipped with an automap device. By pressing the Tab key, you replace your normal view with a top-down map of everything you've seen up to date. For help in configuring mouse support, see "Configuration Settings" above. Note: All of the movement commands listed in this "Moving Around" section may be reassigned to different keys in the Configuration dialog from the (see "Configuration Settings" above). TIP: When you're comfortable playing the game, try using the keyboard and the mouse simultaneously. The mouse provides fine control for aiming your weapon (allowing you to smoothly rotate right or left) while the keyboard permits you to activate the many useful functions of the game. Doors, Switches & Elevators (These objects all have many different appearances) SWITCHES: When you successfully operate a switch, it will change in some way (lights up, flips a handle, etc. ) If a switch does not change after a couple of tries, it is probably assigned to do a task that cannot yet be accomplished. LOCKED DOORS: Some doors have security locks, and require you to have a or skull key to open them. Other color coded security card locked doors are operated by a switch on a nearby wall. Rather than walking up to the door, you'll need to operate the switch. HIDDEN DOORS: Some doors are hidden. In some cases you just need to walk up to the wall and press the Use Key. There are clues that reveal a secret door a wall that's shifted down or a different color, a flashing light on a wall, etc. ELEVATORS: You'll see platforms that raise and lower. Those without a switch can usually be operated by walking up to the platform and pressing the Use key TELEPORTERS: Teleporters can be identified by an evil symbol on the floor beneath them. To use a teleporter, walk over the symbol. Firepower And How To Use It WEAPONS: At first, you have only your pistol and your fists for protection. [. . . ] CHAT MACROS: In a multi-player game, you can send your own pre-defined macros (defined in the Launcher program) by initiating Chat mode (as described above), then holding ALT and pressing the number key that corresponds to the macro you wish to send. For example, if macro #2 is "Eat it and die!", initiate Chat mode by pressing 'T', then hold down ALT and press 2. EXITING A LEVEL: When one player exits a level, all players instantly exit with him, regardless of their position or their status. COOPERATIVE OR DEATHMATCH MODE There are two ways to play multi-player: DeathMatch and Cooperative. [. . . ]


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