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[. . . ] Salutations to the T raveller Good morning to thee, gentle friend and traveller!No matter what time of day it might be when thou art reading this-- no matter what the hour of the clock--I say good morning to thee because this very moment brings to thee the coming of the dawn. It is my humble hope that these words may be for thee a dawning, or at least, a type of awakening. I call thee "traveller" no matter if thou hast never left thy home town, no matter if thou wilst never again leave thy room, because all of us are travellers. [. . . ] Stables There is no faster mode of land travel than riding in a horsedrawn wagon. When travelling in the wilderness, the quicker one is, the safer one is. Magical Reagents Now that magic is severely on the decline, those who still pursue this dying art may find that many mages are willing to sell their magical reagents. One need not concern oneself with the freshness of these reagents, for all things magical only increase in potency with age. Inns The inns of Britannia provide the traveller with safety and a place to rest. Camping in the wilderness is always a risky proposition and the danger to one's health is great, especially in times of inclement weather. Craftsman The craftsmen of Britannia are skilled artisans who sell wares made by their own hand. While such items are often of high price, the price reflects compensation due for the time, toil and talent of the craftsman, as seen in the high quality of the item. 24 Armourers Here one may purchase armour and shields made for the protection of a fighting man in combat. Most armourers will also sell weapons, thus completely preparing any would-be fighter. Armour is generally sold piecemeal, but certain armourers have been known to sell entire suits at a cheaper price than the total cost of each individual piece. Fletchers and Bowyers Without question, the bowyer that is held in highest regard throughout all of Britannia is Iolo Fitzbowen, the proprietor of the establishment that has come to be called "Iolo's Bows. " So popular is this bowyer's shop that a similar establishment was set up in Serpent's Hold. Healers Many who succumb to injury or illness have their conditions worsened and their purses lightened by a healer. The wise traveller knows that sickness and injury is rooted chiefly in the mind and that only through self-discipline can pain, illness and injury be overcome. Apothecaries It is the shrewd apothecary who mixes his strange chemicals and produces the formulas to create potions. Apothecaries have long since stopped the sale of magical reagents, as magic has become so unreliable. Clothiers The marketplace of Britain provides the traveller with an opportunity to purchase clothing, ranging from the latest fashions to the more comfortable and functional. Shipwrights Ships may be purchased from shipwrights in nearly any coastal city. By Britannian law no ship is considered to be legally held unless the owner has in his possession that ship's deed of sale. 25 iii. The Rune Writing of Britannia Following a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, many signs and placards in Britannia are written in a unique and attractive runic script that was once the language of the druids. While the presence of such writing might befuddle a casual tourist, the wise traveller knows that it is a worthwhile pursuit to learn the meaning of this writing. Nowadays, the use of rune writing is beginning to fall out of fashion, and its use generally denotes an establishment that clings to an antiquated style of operation. 26 iv. The Arms of Britannia It is the wise party of travellers who make sure that they are well armoured and heavily armed when travelling in the wilderness. To that end, the following is a brief introduction to the armour and weapons that one may use to insure one's safety. Armour and Shields There are six parts of the body that one does seek to protect: the head, the torso, the legs, the hands, the feet and the neck. [. . . ] IN VAS POR (Mass Might) Reagents: Black Pearl, Mandrake Root, Ginseng This spell doubles the strength and combat abilities of everyone in the mage's party. VAS MANI (Restoration) Reagents: Ginseng, Garlic, Sulfurous Ash, Mandrake Root This spell instantly heals all injury, dispels all harmful magic and cures all poison or paralysis inflicting the mage and his party. The Eighth Circle of Magic VAS KAL AN MANI IN CORP HUR TYM (Armageddon) Reagents: Black Pearl, Blood Moss, Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Spider's Silk, Sulfurous Ash This spell is believed to be so powerful that it may be capable of destroying all known living things in the entire world. VAS CORP HUR (Death Vortex) Reagents: Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss This spell creates a swirling black vortex at the point the mage designates, which will thereafter move at random. VAS SANCT LOR (Invisibility All) Reagents: Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Blood Moss, Black Pearl This spell is the equivalent of casting the Fifth Circle spell Invisibility upon the mage and everyone in his party. [. . . ]


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