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[. . . ] In their place, however, we're generating numerous frames every second, creating the world in real-time, so you can decide what to explore. What hasn't changed is our desire to build worlds that are as immersive as we can possibly make them. So, as we've recommended in our previous games, close the door, turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and experience Uru as if you were actually there. Take your time, pay attention to details, savor your experience, and remember the journey is the reward. Cyan Worlds ­ The Uru Development Team 1 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS System Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] Default: Uru runs full screen. 11 Quality, Overall: This tells Uru how much quality to use when rendering special effects and environmental clarity. Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing: Anti-aliasing smoothes the jagged edges of avatars and scene objects, so the higher this is set, the smoother the edges will appear. Texture: This tells Uru how much detail to use when displaying textures such as object surfaces and close-up foliage. This affects how things look close up. Anisotropic Filtering: If available on your card, this feature improves the texture quality, making it more consistently sharp. A small adjustment in this setting can have a big effect. AUDIO TAB Enabled: Check this box to turn on audio and audio settings. If left unchecked, Uru will run without any sound (and you will miss a huge amount of what's wonderful about Uru!). Hardware Acceleration: Leaving this option checked will usually give you much better performance since it offloads audio tasks from the CPU to the sound card. Note: Hardware acceleration can be adjusted from the Hardware Acceleration slider in the Advanced Properties tab found in the Windows sound control panel. In general, this slider should be set to 100% because some features, such as EAX environmental audio, are only available when set to 100%. 12 Allow EAX Effects: If your sound card does not support Creative Lab's EAX, this option is shown as unavailable. Otherwise, ensure that your sound card is properly configured to make use of its EAX benefits, such as more immersive and realistic sound effects. To disable EAX effects, uncheck this option. Load on Demand: When this option is checked, sounds are loaded only as needed in the game. We recommend that you leave this checked; otherwise, all sounds are loaded when you link to an Age, causing extended delays. UPDATE TAB Players can download updated Uru data (patches) over the Internet from this dialog. Visit www. urulive. com for the current status and availability of these new Ages. LIVE STORY The story of Uru develops in real time, just like your life does. Time passes, events occur, and people come and go, so when you log in and visit D'ni, you might see newly opened shops, new Linking Books in the library, and lots of new faces. If you do miss out on something, other explorers are there to fill you in. Just ask. THE CITY OF D'NI Within the vast underground cavern, surrounded by the eerie orange of the cavern's lake, the city of D'ni is built into the steep rock spires of the island of Ae'gura. The city is an amazing archaeological creation and the center of Uru. This is where Uru explorers can gather in larger numbers, where intense restoration and rebuilding is occurring daily, and where the live story of Uru develops. 19 MEET WITH FRIENDS In Uru Live it is easy to connect with your friends. In fact, you might want to form a neighborhood in which you are all members. You can also meet with friends ­ and make new friends ­ in D'ni, the central city, which is open to all players. With your KI, you can quickly see whether your friend is online and where he or she is located. You can talk using text, and eventually, voice chat. You can even share pictures you have taken during your journey. NEIGHBORHOODS Every Uru Live player belongs to a D'ni neighborhood. This is a small gathering place where players can feel at home, away from the big city of D'ni, spend quiet time with friends, enjoy unique D'ni leisure activities, and encounter DRC members from time to time. The neighborhood to which you belong depends on whether you let Uru choose for you, or you accept an invitation to join a specific neighborhood. Each neighborhood includes a link to a Garden Age, a beautiful and interesting Age for relaxation and sometimes mysterious additional purposes. YOUR KI This technological marvel was discovered by the D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) during their explorations. At Uru Live's initial opening, it can be used to text chat with other explorers in the same Age. It is well known among early restoration staff that it can do many more wonderful things, but the DRC insists on extensive testing before releasing new functionality to Uru explorers. 20 GETTING ASSISTANCE INSTALLATION AND TECHNICAL PROBLEMS Your best resource for all kinds of problems and questions is Ubisoft's extensive Support Center at http://support. ubi. com. If you cannot get onto the Internet, Ubisoft support representatives can assist U. S. and Canadian customers from 9am to 9pm EST, Monday through Friday, at (919) 460-9778. French language support is available from 7am to 4pm EST by calling (866) 824-6515. [. . . ] To avoid long distance charges, or to contact a Support Representative directly after these hours, please feel free to use one of the other support avenues listed above. Contact Us by Standard Mail: If all else fails you can write to us at: Ubisoft Technical Support 3200 Gateway Centre Blvd. Suite 100 Morrisville, NC 27560 Return Policy: Please do not send any game returns directly to Ubisoft before contacting Technical Support. It is our policy that game returns must be dealt with by the retailer or online site where you purchased the product. [. . . ]


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