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[. . . ] If AutoPlay is disabled, you will need to start the installation manually. To do this, double click on the My Computer icon, then double click on the Unreal Tournament icon, then find the icon called Setup and double click it. Follow the instructions in the installation windows to install Unreal Tournament on your computer. The first window shows you what languages Unreal Tournament can use, as well as links to some informative web sites (you do not need to use the web sites to complete the installation). [. . . ] The secondary fire causes the blades to explode upon impact, generating a considerable splash radius of damage. Rocket Launcher Primary Fire: Launches rocket-propelled grenades that explode on impact. Secondary Fire: Throws non-rocket-propelled grenades that explode after a few seconds. Arguably the most popular devastation tool in the Tournament, the rocket launcher is an extremely versatile medium- to long-range weapon. Hold and release the primary fire to launch one to six rocket-propelled grenades in a spread formation; the grenades will explode on impact. Press and hold the primary fire, then hit the secondary fire to launch a tight circular formation. Use the secondary fire alone to kick out one to six unpropelled grenades that will detonate a few seconds after deployment. Skilled users can take advantage of the Rocket Launcher's heat seeking feature. To use it, keep your crosshair on your opponent until it changes into a red X, then unleash your missiles and watch them home in on their prey. Note that your ammo supply is clearly marked on the top of the weapon. 21 Flak Cannon Primary Fire: Fires chunks of hot jagged shrapnel. While the rate of fire is slow, the Flak Cannon's destructive power is formidable. The primary fire discharges a concentrated explosion containing several pounds of jagged metal shrapnel. The primary fire riddles targets with glowing bursts of plasma; the secondary fire emits a steady stream of the incandescent yellow substance. The pulse blaster uses clips containing 50 rounds, which must be replaced after they are emptied. The number of rounds remaining in the current clip is displayed on the weapon. Chainsaw Primary Fire: Forward thrust. Secondary Fire: Side-to-side sweep. Based on an antique wood-cutting tool, the chainsaw is a devastating melee weapon capable of instantly inflicting massive damage. The primary fire employs a thrust maneuver, while the secondary fire sweeps the blade from side to side (an ideal move for decapitations). 24 OTHER ITEMS Translocator The Translocator is a portable teleporter. The Translocator consists of two parts, a source module and a destination module. Throw the destination module with the primary fire button; then press the secondary fire button to instantly teleport to the spot where the destination module landed. If you throw the destination module close enough to an enemy and then teleport there, you can "telefrag" your opponent, killing him and getting his weapon. This requires some skill to accomplish but it is extremely gratifying to pull off and results in an instant kill. In Capture the Flag games, translocating while holding the flag will cause you to drop the flag. Health Pack Replenishes 20 points of health, up to a maximum of 100. Keg O' Health The Keg O' Health gives you 100 health points, up to a maximum of 199. 25 Health Vial Each health vial gives you 5 health points, to a maximum of 199. Thigh Pads These lightweight accessories provide 50 armor points. Body Armor This vest protects you with 100 armor points. Shield Belt The Shield Belt provides 150 armor points. This handy accoutrement not only holds your pants up, it's also the most powerful defensive device in the Tournament. Damage Amplifier Dramatically increases the power of all weapons. [. . . ] To get back to the menu once it disappears, you can go to the "RA:UT" menu which appears on the right of your menu bar when you hit "ESC", and select whichever option you'd like. Key Bindings For your convenience, you may go to the Options menu, Preferences, Controls, and scroll to the bottom. There will you see the Option to bind your custom keys to navigate the RocketArena arenas and game. Configuration In addition, there are many ways to configure RA:UT, some of which are more intuitive than others. Per-game options apply to all arenas, while per-arena options apply to one particular arena. Per-game options are available when you start the Practice Session, and per-arena options are available in the Configuration window on the RA:UT menu. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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