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[. . . ] Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan - one by one the nearby independent republics slip back into the Russian orbit. The game consists of a series of fifteen missions along a single storyline, which forms a campaign. While many of the gameplay elements of Ghost Recon may seem familiar if you have played Rainbow Six or Rogue Spear, it is an entirely new game in an entirely new setting. If you've played Rogue Spear or Rainbow Six, prepare yourself for the next step in squad-based tactical games. [. . . ] To do this, your soldiers are equipped with a variety of weapons ranging from pistols to anti-tank weapons. Each character goes into combat with two weapons, a primary and secondary, which you can switch between without penalty. Switching Weapons You can switch between your primary and secondary weapons by pressing the swap weapons key (defaults to ~). Hitting this key swaps out your current weapon for the other one you carry - Primary to Secondary, or Secondary to Primary. Changing Magazines Reloading is simply a matter of hitting the Change Magazine key (which defaults to the Z key). Doing so swaps out the current clip and inserts a new one, regardless of whether or not the clip is empty. Otherwise, a clip that has been popped out 28 29 ACTION SCREEN However, instead of skipping up levels of zoom, it provides a smooth zoom in and zoom out. THE ON-SCREEN INTERFACE This is what you see when you are actually in the action phase of Ghost Recon. Most of the screen is taken up by the currently selected character's view of the world. In other words, you see what he sees, whether it be trees, buildings, tanks, enemy soldiers or driving rain. Terrain Terrain is the basic landscape of the game, including trees, bunkers, buildings and so forth. While there will be cliffs and other terrain hazards in Ghost Recon, you will not be able to walk over a cliff or otherwise injure a soldier by means of the terrain. Visibility of terrain varies according to ambient light and weather conditions. Binoculars Binoculars are best described as working like "a sniper rifle that doesn't fire. " They provide a much better long-distance view than most weapons, but have no impact on the enemy. Binoculars are used by making them the active weapon, then pressing the Use Item key. Your view will then change to reflect the use of the binoculars. In-Game Screen Elements The bulk of what you'll see in the game can best be described as the game itself. The first is the number of rounds left in the current clip, while the second indicates the number of clips remaining for that weapon. You can toggle the Weapon Panel off and on by pressing the Toggle Weapon Panel key, which defaults to F12. If you are down to 30% of full ammunition capacity on you current clip, the selected weapon changes to appear bright yellow. When the clip is emptied, it changes color to red. Threat Indicator The Threat Indicator appears at the center of the bottom of the screen. It serves multiple functions, allowing you to orient the current soldier without opening the Command Map and also displaying the presence of any hostiles in the area. The furthest from the center is a triangle that indicates the nearest waypoint. This stays absolute no matter which direction the currently selected character is facing. The colored pip inside the largest ring of Threat Indicator indicates North. This also stays absolute no matter which direction the soldier is facing. The outermost ring of the Threat Indicator displays according to the selected character's current facing. The regions that are illuminated tell you from which direction you are hearing fire. [. . . ] This combination of subsonic ammunition and integral silencer means that just about the only sound heard when the weapon fires is that of the firing mechanism in operation. The SD variant supports the same modes of fire as the MP5. AN/GSQ-187 Sensor The AN/GSQ-187 sensor is a placed remote sensor that can pick up enemy movements based upon several types of input. The sensor can detect changes in seismic, acoustic, thermal, and magnetic energy in the area. It can then process this information and relay to a computer the location, speed, SVD The SVD, or Dragunov, is a semi-automatic rifle firing 7. 62x54 mm ammunition of Russian design. [. . . ]


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