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[. . . ] This warranty is invalid if the disc has been damaged through negligence, accident or misuse, or if it has been modified after acquisition. This software program, manual and packaging are protected by copyright and all rights are reserved by Ubi Soft. Documentation should not be copied, reproduced, translated or transferred, in whole or in part and in whatever form, without prior written agreement of Ubi Soft. This software program, this CD and its documentation are sold as they stand. [. . . ] The formula reads: (Curland's trade levels / 20) x total trade value x Curland's trade technology level / 10 = Trade income from the CoT. Curland would in this case receive (4 / 20) x 200 x 3 / 10 = 12 ducats from the trade in "Novgorod. " As mentioned earlier, monopolistic status (trade level 6) usually gives you extra trade income. It's because you are credited for all the "empty" trade levels. Example: Spain has trade level 6, England trade level 3, and Curland has trade level 2. Since there are 20 trade levels at a CoT, Spain may count on 6 + (20-6-3-2) trade levels = 6+9 = 15 trade levels, which gives them 15 / 20 (75%) of the CoT's total trade value. INVESTMENTS UPGRADING THE INFRASTRUCTURE Your country's income is dependent on the provinces and their ability to generate it. How can you affect the provinces' tax, production, and trade value in addition to increased population as discussed earlier?By appointing public officials and building factories. Public Officials One should view the appointment of public officials in the game as a development over time from a decentralised semi-feudal political system to an increasingly centralised political system. The political reform introduced during the period of the game had strong ties to the organisation of the country's economy. In countries with a semi feudal economy such as Poland-Lithuania and the Ottoman Empire, the political development toward a more centralised society could quickly come to a halt. · Tax Collector ­ The bailiff can be appointed tax collector (infrastructure technology level 1 is necessary), which means that the province's tax value and production value increase, while at the same time the risk of rebellion in the province increases. The population does not approve of the introduction of an efficient tax authority. The computer will instead calculate which placement is the most profitable for your country and send the merchants as soon as there are ducats in the treasury. Also note that you cannot send merchants to trade centres located in countries that are 36 37 EUROPA UNIVERSALIS II EUROPA UNIVERSALIS II export. Mostly these include refined cloth, cotton, and tobacco, but other luxuries may also be included, such as ivory, furs, spices, and oriental goods, or even the packaging and handling of fish, sugar and salt. The spread of the goods factories comprised the origin of industrialisation, a catalyst for huge trade volumes and capitalism in general. Your nation may invest in factories, which are specialised buildings of great importance to your nation. Additionally, they affect research in their respective fields of technology, lessen the risk of rebellion, increase the demand for certain goods, and increase the rate of population growth in the province where the factory is located. There are five buildings that are called factories: refineries, naval equipment factories, fine arts academies, weapons factories, and goods factories. · Refineries may be built when you have reached technology level 2, providing an extra monthly income if the refinery is placed in a province producing sugar or wine. · Naval equipment factories may only be built when you have reached naval technology level 5, providing an extra monthly income if it is built in a province producing naval supplies or fish. Each factory you build provides a research bonus in naval military technology. · Fine arts academies may be built when you have reached infrastructure level 4, and it provides an extra monthly income if you build it in your capital province. [. . . ] JUCD3_23_RosaBella. mp3 Dunstable, John(ca 1380-1453): O Rosa Bella/Anon. JUCD3_26_DelEncina. mp3 del Encina, Juan (1469-1529?): Todos los bienes. JUCD75_13_Anonymous. mp3 Anonymous (ca 1480): Glogauer Liederbuch/ Der Sonnen Glanz. SPACD163_27_hoffdantz. mp3 66 EUROPA UNIVERSALIS II EUROPA UNIVERSALIS II JDCD_315_16_MistressNicholsAlmand. mp3 Dowland, John: Mistresse Nichols Almand. [. . . ]


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