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[. . . ] . SUBJECT PROFILE Delta 3, South America Commander Jake Gaston for a Unfinished Notes book ROUGH NOTES ON JAKE GASTON'S STORY I first met him at the Harbor Cafe. He was in his late 50s by then and looked tired, very tired, with dark shadows around his eyes. But the way he snapped his head back and twisted his strong torso revealed an athlete of the top rank. "Hi, my name's Kathryn Ellis ­ I'm from the University - aren't you Jake Gaston?" He looked at me, then glanced to either side of where I was standing, as though he was checking if anyone else was with me. [. . . ] A favorite weapon amongst experienced aquanauts. Hydro-Jet Cannon Hydro-Jet cannons are a heavy infantry weapon system. Although powerful, the HydroJet Cannon is a clumsy and an unwieldy device. Torpedo Launcher A real heavyweight, this launcher fires three types of torpedo, each with its own propulsion unit. Ammunition types available include large or small high-explosive and phosphor-tipped torpedoes. 7/5 2039 These are being bought in quantities. JG 18 Magna-Blast Grenade This standard issue grenade has an accurate and sophisticated timer for precision control. Dye Grenade Dye grenades are dual role items, useful for providing cover in exposed situations. Functioning in both water and on land, the dye is ejected as a particle cloud, producing an octopus-like ink spray in water or dense airborne cloud on land. Particle Disturbance Grenade A proximity grenade can be thrown like an ordinary grenade but is triggered by nearby movement after it lands. Magna-Pack Explosive This explosive should only be used for demolition purposes. However, past experience has shown that these powerful explosive packs are ideal for rooting out Aliens. The blast radius is large so ensure a safe distance before detonation. Particle Disturbance Sensor This new device uses a variety of detectors and advanced computer systems to identify moving enemy units. Thermal Tazer This device can only be used in close combat, when used it will stun a living organism without killing it. 19 Extract from New Technology magazine APRIL 6, 2040 NEW TECHNOLOGY The Gauss Technology System Scientists have been researching a new technology called Gauss for several years now; developed from plasma technology, Gauss was discovered during the alien war. Gauss technology is a new weapons system that uses an accelerated particle stream, drawing on a dense matter fuel source. There are plans for Gauss Pistols, Rifles and Heavy Gauss Weapons, and modifications to retrofit the new weapons system to the Coelacanth Tanks. 20 Basic Combat Tactics An introductory lecture by Russ `D-Day' Sharp - Commander X-COM 1999 - 2003 I left the Armed Forces late 1999, having commanded the United Nations Covert Tactics division for 11 years. I was therefore well qualified to head tactical planning and training for the X-COM organization. I have had vast experience as an alien fighter and I believe these are points you must bear in mind during your X-COM days. The Aliens we face are highly intelligent life forms; unpredictable and equipped with extremely advanced technology. They are fast to learn our combat techniques and relay information very quickly to each other. To combat them effectively, you must follow covert tactical techniques to the letter. The ratio of aliens to soldiers in a single crash site investigating squad will mean that we are often outnumbered, so use your weapons array efficiently and always keep an eye out for surprise flank and rear attacks. If your squad has cleared an area once, don't think you can cross it again without cover. We lost a lot of good soldiers in the first few months of the war in this way. [. . . ] Note: In the event that no section of the enemy position meets these requirements, the Commander will have to decide between conflicting choices. Commanders should give preference to point 2 (above) in this case. Third Stage Select the units from the total force that are to: 1. Note: Commanders must specify the actual limits for each attacking body of troops and decide upon the division of each unit into Firing Line, Supports and Local Reserves. Ideally, the Commander must decide what troops are needed for the Decisive Attack and then use the rest to carry out the Fire Attack on part or parts of the enemy's front. Fourth Stage Select positions for any Heavy Weapons or Artillery (if available). [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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