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[. . . ] If you're heading on goal, use the D-Pad to target a specific area within the net. VOLLEYING To target different areas of the net, D-Pad the net. to shoot high. D-Pad to drive a low hard shot into Volley or Bicycle Kick Shot Volley to a teammate's head Volley to a teammate's feet Double tap C Double tap A Double tap B 7 6 E A T I P : Volleying requires more time and space than heading ­ remember, a header connects with an airborne ball before a volley but a successful volley has far more power behind it. TACTIC INDICATOR CONTROL HIGHLIGHT ADVANCED CONTROLS Master these commands and the field is yours to control. ONE TOUCH TECHNIQUES ­ tap the appropriate button while the ball is loose or being passed to perform the following moves: ONE TOUCH TECHNIQUES Any player affected by an IGT has a control highlight beneath him for the duration the tactic is active. One-timer lob One-timer pass One-timer through pass One-timer shot Press A Press B Press X Press C IGTs can only be activated when the opposing team has the ball. N O T E : These moves are unavailable to players using 2- or 4button controllers You can power up One Touch Shots as you would normal shots ( Shooting on p. 6). IN-GAME SPECIAL SHOOTING TECHNIQUES SIDEWINDER GAMEPAD PRO KEYBOARD Side-foot shot Press B Attacking press Offside Trap Left trigger Right trigger L2 L1 O (Num pad) Left SHIFT Press this button in the opposing 18 yd box when there are no pass or lob targets. SKILL MOVES ATTACKING PRESS To activate Skill Moves, tap or hold the following buttons. BUTTON TAP HOLD Left trigger Right trigger Hurdle 360 Spin Double Stepover Flickover OFFSIDE TRAP SHIELDING SKILL MOVES When you're protecting the ball, you've still got a couple of skill moves at your disposal. [. . . ] 18) the World Wide Web Quit ZORK III Major League Soccer and return to Windows Select this option to customize Access the Team teams and players, and trade play- Management screens to ers ( Customize on p. 15) make adjustments to a Team's Starting Lineup, Formations & Strategy, and to assign Kick Set various game Takers ( Team options ( Options Management on p. 18) EXHIBITION QUICK START In an Exhibition game, match up one team against any other. To start an Exhibition Game: Use this section to get to the pitch as quickly as possible. For more detailed information on the various game modes, Setting up the Game above. To Quick Start a game: 1. Start the Windows® 95/98 operating system and launch the game (for information on installing and starting the game, please refer to the enclosed Install Guide). The Introductory video sequence begins (press any key to skip the introductory video and proceed to the Main Menu). At the Exhibition Team Select screen, select your teams and click FORWARD to proceed. At the Side Select screen, press the Directional button on your controller or Arrow keys on the keyboard to place the controller icon under the Team you wish to play as, then click FORWARD. You may select from 2-24 teams to play a defined number of matches. To create a your own customized playoffs: Change the appearance and skills of the players on your team. You can also change the player's name, position, appearance, or adjust his skills to create a player who excels in his position. TEAM EDIT Change the appearance of the your team's uniform. You can change both the pattern and the colors. TRADES Select PLAYOFF to create your own customized Playoffs. The two players are swapped. PLAYER ATTRIBUTE ABBREVIATIONS GOAL KEEPER ATTRIBUTE ABBREVIATIONS To zoom in, move the cursor towards the top of the screen, then right-click. To zoom out, move the cursor towards the bottom of the screen, then right-click. To raise the camera, move the cursor to the top of the screen, then left-click. To lower the camera, move the cursor towards the bottom of the screen, then left-click. To rotate the camera left/right, move the cursor to the left or right edge of the screen, then left-click. FIT SPD SHT PSS STR HDR BC TKL 16 Fitness Speed Shooting Passing Strength Header Ball Control Tackle GSK GPS GAG Goalie Skills Goalie Positioning Goalie Aggression 17 OPTIONS Allows you to change game settings: GAME OPTIONS GAMEPLAY OPTIONS To Save a ZORK III Major League Soccer League or Cup: 1. In the STANDINGS or PLAYOFF screen, after a ZORK III Major League Soccer match, select the SAVE GAME icon on the Icon Menu Bar. Highlight the slot to which you want to save, then select that slot to save your game. Any changes made to teams from within a saved game stay specific to that saved game and do not alter original settings. Set half length, weather, substitutions, fatigue, time of day and more. Select difficulty level, game speed, referee strictness, bookings, offside, injuries and more Choose camera view, time and score displays, toggle auto replay and visual indicators ON/OFF. Set volume levels for music, commentary, game sound effects and menu sound effects. Adjust screen size, field and stadium detail, crowd animation, lighting effects and more. VISUAL OPTIONS AUDIO OPTIONS To Load a saved ZORK III Major League Soccer League or Cup: RENDER OPTIONS 1. [. . . ] RETURNS AFTER THE 90-DAY WARRANTY PERIOD--Please return the product along with a check or money order for $7. 50 made payable to Electronic Arts, a brief description of the difficulty you are experiencing including your name, address, and phone number to the address below. We strongly recommend that you send your product using a traceable delivery method. Electronic Arts is not responsible for objects not in it's possession. Box 9025 Redwood City, California 94063-9025 If you have warranty questions, you can also contact Customer Warranty via e-mail at warranty@ea. com or by phone at (650) 628-1900. NOTICE Electronic Arts reserves the right to make improvements in the product described in this manual at any time and without notice. [. . . ]


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