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[. . . ] D2 Pilot ? Owner?s Manual September 2013 190-01674-00_0A Printed in Taiwan All rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Garmin. Garmin reserves the right to change or improve its products and to make changes in the content of this manual without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes or improvements. Go to www. garmin. com for current updates and supplemental information concerning the use of this product. [. . . ] The jumpmaster jumps from a very high altitude and opens the parachute at a low altitude. ?The required information is the same as the HAHO jump type, plus an opening altitude. ?Common values for an opening altitude range from 2, 000 to 6, 000 feet AGL. ?Static: The wind speed and direction are assumed to be constant for the duration of the jump. ?The drop altitude must be at least 1, 000 feet. ? Logging the Attempt After you have attempted to find a geocache, you can log your results. ?To end the logging, select Done. ? chirp? A chirp is a small Garmin accessory that is programmed and left in a geocache. ?For more information about the chirp, see the chirp Owner's Manual at www. garmin. com. ? Finding a Geocache with a chirp Device 1 Select the action key. ?8 Select a geocache, and select chirp to show chirp details while you are navigating. ?9 Select Go, and navigate to the geocache (page5). ? Entering Jump Information 1 Select the action key. ?Select Drop Alt to set the drop altitude AGL (in feet) when the jumpmaster exits the aircraft. ?Select Open Alt to set the open altitude AGL (in feet) when the jumpmaster opens the parachute. ?Select FWD Throw to set the horizontal distance traveled (in meters) due to aircraft speed. ? 7 Geocaches ?Select Crs to HARP to set the direction traveled (in degrees) due to aircraft speed. ?Select Wind to set the wind speed (in knots) and direction (in degrees). ?Depending on the jump type, you can select Percent Max, Safety Fctr, K-Open, K-Freefall, or K-Static and enter additional information (page8). ?Select Auto to DIP to enable navigation to the DIP automatically after you jump. ?Select GOTO HARP to start navigation to the HARP. ? 2 3 4 5 Select Clock > Alarm Clock > Add Alarm. ?Select Once, Daily, or Weekdays. ? Starting the Countdown Timer 1 Select the action key. ?4 If necessary, select Notification, and select a type of notification. ? Entering Wind Information for HAHO and HALO Jumps 1 Select the action key. ?7 Enter a wind direction in degrees and select Done. ? The wind value is added to the list. ?3 Select a time zone. ? The custom time zone page is added to the current profile. ? Editing a Custom Time Zone 1 Select the action key. ?To delete the time zone from the quick page loop, select Delete > Yes. ? Entering Wind Information for a Static Jump 1 Select the action key. ? [. . . ] TRACK DIST (track distance): The distance traveled for the current track. ?TURN: The angle of difference (in degrees) between the bearing to your destination and your current course. ?VERT SPEED (vertical speed): The rate of ascent or descent over time. ?VMG (velocity made good): The speed at which you are closing on a destination along a route. ? [. . . ]


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