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[. . . ] 6. Press down slightly and turn the Edge clockwise until it locks into place. Releasing the Edge 1. Turn the Edge counterclockwise to unlock the device. Configuring the Edge The first time you turn on the Edge, you are prompted to configure system settings and user profile settings. • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the initial setup. • Select ▲ or ▼ to view choices and change the default selection. [. . . ] 3. After completing your ride, select . Training Indoors You can turn off GPS when you are training indoors. GPS automatically turns back on when indoor training is complete. Saving Your Ride Data Going for a Ride 6 Select Save to save your ride data and reset the timer. Before you can record history, you must acquire satellite signals (page 6). Edge 200 Owner’s Manual Back to Start You can navigate back to the start of your ride. 3. Select Back to Start > Start. Garmin recommends that you use Garmin Connect (page 7) to create courses. Creating a Course with Your Edge Before you can create a course, you must have history with GPS track data saved to the Edge. 2. Select a course from the list > Start. Using Free Software Garmin Connect is web-based software for storing and analyzing your ride data. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Courses Courses allow you to train using a previously recorded activity. You can follow the course trying to match or exceed previously set goals. Edge 200 Owner’s Manual 7 History The Edge can save at least 130 hours of ride data with typical use. Upload your history (page 8) to Garmin Connect periodically to keep track of all of your ride data. History includes time, distance, calories, average speed, maximum speed, ascent and descent, and detailed lap information. note: History is not recorded while the timer is stopped or paused. Viewing History 1. Select History. 2. Select an option: • Last Ride • Longest Ride • Fastest Ride • All Rides • Odometer 3. Use ▲ and ▼ to scroll through your activities. 1. Select Settings > User Profile to update gender, birth year, weight, and height. 12 System Settings Changing the Backlight 1. Select Settings > System > Display. Changing the Audible Tones 1. Select Settings > System > Tones. Changing the Auto Power Down Setting This feature automatically turns the Edge off after 15 minutes of inactivity. 2. Select On or Off. Specifications notice The Edge is waterproof to IEC Standard 60529 IPX7. After submersion, be certain to wipe dry and air dry the unit before using or charging. Edge Specifications Water resistance Computer interface Battery life Operating temperature range IPX7 USB 2. 0 full speed 14 hours, typical usage* From -4°F to 140°F (from -20°C to 60°C) Edge 200 Owner’s Manual 13 Edge Specifications Charging temperature range From 32°F to 122°F (from 0°C to 50°C) Bike Mount Specifications Bands (O-rings) Two sizes: • 1. 3 × 1. 5 × 0. 9 in. AS568-131 Note: Use EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) replacement bands only. Go to http://buy . garmin. com, or contact your Garmin dealer. *The actual battery life of a fully charged battery depends on how much time you use GPS and the backlight. Exposure to extremely cold temperatures will also reduce battery life. Bike Mount Specifications Physical size (W × H × D) 1. 5 × 1. 5 × 0. 36 in. (7. 9 g) (including bands and rubber spacer pad) 14 Edge 200 Owner’s Manual Troubleshooting Registering Your Device Help us better support you by completing our online registration today: • Go to http://my. garmin. com. • Keep the original sales receipt, or a photocopy, in a safe place. Resetting the Device If the keys stop responding, you may need to reset the device. [. . . ] Note: This deletes all user‑entered information, but it does not delete your history. Updating the Software 1. Connect the Edge to your computer using the USB cable (page 8). If there is new software available, Garmin Connect alerts you to update the software. Caring for Your Device notice Do not store the device where prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can occur, because it can cause permanent damage. Avoid chemical cleaners and solvents that can damage plastic components. [. . . ]


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