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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] OWNER'S MANUAL & REFERENCE GPS 150 v v CRSR CLR STAT D OFF BRT NRST SET RTE WPT NAV GPS 150 Pilot's Guide TM v v v v v v INTRODUCTION Foreword Software Version 3. 00 or above © 1997 GARMIN Corporation 1200 E. 151st Street, Olathe, KS USA 66062 GARMIN (Europe) LTD Unit 5, The Quadrangle, Abbey Park Industrial Estate, Romsey, U. K. No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, for any purpose without the express written permission of GARMIN Corporation. GARMINTM, GPS 150TM, AutoLocateTM, MultiTrac8TM and AutoStoreTM are trademarks of GARMIN Corporation and may only be used with permission. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. [. . . ] If you have chosen to create a waypoint at a certain bearing and distance from your current position, your current position will be displayed, and you will enter the bearing and distance from present position at which you would like the new waypoint to be located. Press E to accept. User Waypoint page Entering the user waypoint's exact position. 35 REFERENCE AutostoreTM & User Comments User waypoints may also be created using AutoStoreTM. This will save your current position as a user waypoint and can instantly be added to any route. To AutoStore your current position as a waypoint: 1. Press E. This will display the AutoStore page which will allow you to rename the waypoint if you would like and also to choose the route to which it will be added. To change the waypoint name or the route of an AutoStore waypoint: 1. Rotate O until the name field or the route number field is highlighted. Enter the new name or route number by using K to change the character and O to advance the cursor. Press E to accept. AutoStore page Section 2 If the waypoint name is already used, you will be informed with the message `WPT exists ____'. The waypoint will be added to the end of the route you select, or none, if the field is left blank. If the route you choose already contains 31 waypoints, you will be informed with a `Route is full' message. User Comments on Waypoints All of the waypoint types contain pages for the user to enter up to two lines of comments for later reference. You may add comments on up to 250 waypoints, which are saved even when the unit is off. To enter user comments from any of the waypoint pages: Changing the waypoint name and route number. User comments on KLAX. 1. Rotate O while the cursor is not flashing until the `Comments' page is displayed. Press C and rotate O to highlight the comment you would like to edit, or the blank field to enter a new one. 36 3. Press E to accept, and repeat, if desired, to enter information on another line. Press C to complete. REFERENCE Proximity Waypoints Proximity Waypoints The GPS 150 will allow you to enter up to 9 proximity waypoints, which will display an alert message when you come within a user entered distance of them. To create or edit a proximity waypoint: 1. Press C and rotate O to highlight the first available field to create a new one, or the desired proximity waypoint. Press E. Proximity Waypoint page Section 2 This will display the Waypoint Confirmation page. Use K and O to enter the distance away from the waypoint that you wish to be alerted. Press E. Proximity Waypoint page If you enter two proximity waypoints whose alert regions overlap, you will be informed with the message `Proximity overlap'. This message will be displayed each time you turn on the GPS 150 as long as the overlap remains. WARNING: If you enter the overlap area you will only be informed of the nearest proximity waypoint. Proximity alarm 37 REFERENCE Proximity Waypoints & User Waypoint Catalog To delete a waypoint from the Proximity Waypoints page: 1. Press \ to erase the name and then E to delete. Section If you enter the proximity region, a `Prox alarm - press NAV' message will be displayed. [. . . ] - One or more proximity waypoints were moved at least 0. 33 arc minutes due to a database change. - One or more proximity waypoints were deleted while receiving data from the PC 150 Interface Kit. - The GPS 150 is unusable until power has been cycled and the unit re-initialized. If the message persists, the GPS 150 is unusable and should be taken to an authorized GARMIN service center. [. . . ]


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