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[. . . ] (913) 397. 8200 or (800) 800. 1020 Fax (913) 397. 8282 Garmin (Europe) Ltd. Liberty House Hounsdown Business Park, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 9LR UK Tel. +44 (0) 870. 8501241 (outside the UK) 0808 2380000 (within the UK) Fax +44 (0) 870. 8501251 Garmin Corporation No. Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, copied, transmitted, disseminated, downloaded or stored in any storage medium, for any purpose without the express prior written consent of Garmin. [. . . ] Track Up/North Up--indicates whether satellites are shown with the rings oriented with North toward the top of the screen or your current track toward the top of the screen. New Location--use if you have moved the GPS 72H more than 600 miles (1, 000 km). GPS Information Page The GPS Information page displays your speed, elevation, the estimated accuracy, receiver status, satellite locations, satellite signal strength, the date, the time and the GPS receiver's current location. GPS 72H Owner's Manual Settings Settings The Main Menu contains settings and features not found on the main pages and sub-menus. To select a menu item or customize an option, use the rocker and the ENTER button. Used memory Menu optons Trip Computer For information on the data fields on the Trip Computer page, go to page 30­33. Trip Computer Options From the Trip Computer page, press MENU > select option. Reset Trip--resets all data fields except maximum speed and the odometer to zero. Reset Odometer--resets the Odometer data field to zero. Battery Backlght power ndcator Main Menu Page Trip Computer Page 20 GPS 72H Owner's Manual Settings Tracks Tracks Options From the Tracks Main Menu page, press MENU > select option. If Wrap When Full is selected, when track memory is full, the oldest track point will be deleted and a new point added at the end. · Interval--selects or enters an interval for the record method. · GPS 72H Owner's Manual For more information on tracks, see page 9. Points Waypoints are selected and created from the Points page. Waypoint Options Menu Find By Name / Find Nearest-- select waypoint list search list method. Find Nearest--displays a list containing the nearest waypoints within a 100 mile radius. You have the option of entering a waypoint name in the data field or scrolling through the list. When you enter a waypoint name, the device updates the waypoint list to show waypoint names with the 2 Settings entered letters. You can continue to enter the name, or press ENTER to scroll through the list. Delete By Symbol--deletes all waypoints with the same symbol as the selected waypoint. For more information on waypoints, see page 6. Delete All Routes--removes all routes from the Routes page. For more information on Routes, see page 11. Proximity Routes Routes Page Options Start/Stop Navigation--starts or stops the navigation of a route. Delete Route--removes the selected route. Proximity waypoints alert you when approaching a predetermined area. When you place a waypoint in the Proximity List, you enter a Radius that determines when a Proximity Alarm appears. With the Radius field selected, press ENTER, and enter a radius for an alert to appear. You can also add a waypoint by highlighting the dashed entry line and pressing ENTER. GPS 72H Owner's Manual 22 Settings Remove Point--removes a selected waypoint from the Proximity List. Remove All--removes all waypoints from the Proximity List. Hunt and Fish The hunting and fishing almanac provides the predicted best dates and times for hunting and fishing at your current location. To view Hunt and Fish page: · Select Hunt and Fish to viewthehuntingandfishing predictions for your current location. [. . . ] NOTE: For information about MapSource, go to www. garmin. com. To transfer tracks, routes, or waypoints to and from MapSource: 1. Click Receive From Device or Send To Device on the MapSource Transfer menu. NOTE: To check your connection, press MENU twice > select Setup > Interface > Connected. 0 GPS 72H Owner's Manual Appendix Battery Information WARNING: Do not use a sharp object to remove user-replaceable batteries. Contact your local waste disposal department to properly recycle the batteries. Cleaning the Display Screen Optimizing Battery Life Use premium batteries for optimal performance and maximum battery life. Consider the following suggestions to maximize battery life: · Avoid excessive use of the backlight, which will significantly decrease battery life. [. . . ]


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