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Manual abstract: user guide GARMIN GPS III PILOT

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Owner's Manual & Reference ® Software Version 2. 05 or above GARMIN International, Inc. , 1200 E. 151st Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062 USA Tel: 913-397-8200 Fax: 913-397-8282 GARMIN (Europe) Ltd. , Unit 5, The Quadrangle, Abbey Park Industrial Estate, Romsey SO51 9AQ UK Tel: 011-44-1794-519944 Fax: 011-44-1794-519222 GARMIN (Asia) Corp. , 3F, No. 1, Lane 45, Pao-Hsing Road, Hsin Tien, Taipei, Taiwan R. O. C. Tel: 011-886-02-2917-3773 Fax: 011-886-02-2917-1758 Web Site Address: www. garmin. com © 1997-1999 GARMIN Corporation All rights reserved. Except as expressly provided herin, no part of this manual may be reproduced, copied, transmitted, disseminated or stored in any storage medium, for any purpose without the express written permission of GARMIN. [. . . ] Each of the main pages has an options menu, allowing you to custom tailor the corresponding page to your preferences and/or select special features which specifically relate to that page. To display the Highway Page Options, press MENU (with the Highway Page displayed). The following options are available: Sign Posts Off-- removes the waypoint markers from the highway display. If `Sign Posts Off' is selected, `Sign Posts On' will appear as an option instead. To remove (or display) waypoint markers on the highway, highlight `Sign Posts Off' (or `Sign Posts On') and press ENTER. Change Fields-- allows you to choose the data displayed on four user-selectable data fields. There are twenty-seven available data types, including Average (AVG) Speed, Bearing, Distance, ETA at Destination (DEST), Speed, Time to Destination (DEST), Track, a Trip Odometer and a bearing pointer. Select the type of data you want to appear on this field and press ENTER. Highway Page Options The Highway Page Options let you configure the Highway Page to your preferences. Restore Defaults-- resets all data fields to the factory default settings. To restore the factory default settings, highlight `Restore Defaults' and press ENTER. `Change Fields' allows you to choose the type of data to display on four user-selectable data fields. Select the desired type from the `Change Fields' list. 47 REFERENCE Waypoint Categories Your GPS III Pilot uses a built-in Jeppesen database to provide position and facility information for thousands of airports, VORs, NDBs and intersections. Each facility in the database is stored as a waypoint, with its own latitude/longitude, identifier (up to six letters and/or numbers) and other pertinent information. Waypoint information is available from the `Waypoints' selection under the Main Menu. Waypoint information is divided into categories (each represented by a `file tab'), with different types of information available for each. The following table lists the file tabs and information available under each tab: Airport Runway Comm Identifier, city/state, name, position, elevation, fuel Length, width, orientation, surface, lighting, diagram Frequencies for: ATIS, pre-taxi, clearance, ground, tower, unicom, multicom, approach, departure, arrival, class B, class C, TMA, CTA, TRSA VOR Identifier, city/state, facility name, position, freq. , indication of co-located DME or TACAN NDB Identifier, city/state, facility name, position, freq. Int Intersection name, region/country, nearest VOR User Wpt Name, position, user comments, reference waypoint User List Name, symbol, total number of user waypts created To view waypoint information: 1. A series of tabs across the top of the page will indicate the other available pages. Select the desired page using the rocker keypad. The Main Menu's `Waypoints' option allows you to view database information for airports, runways, comm frequencies, VORs, NDBs, etc. Select the desired waypoint category by selecting the corresponding `file tab' at the top of the page. 48 REFERENCE Waypoint Category `File Tabs' Waypoint Identifier Field Waypoint Symbol Field Waypoint Information Pages To select the desired waypoint, by identifier: 1. Highlight the waypoint identifier field using the rocker keypad and press ENTER. Use the rocker keypad to enter the desired identifier--UP/DOWN to change each character and RIGHT to move to the next character. As the identifier is entered, the GPS III Pilot will scroll through the database, displaying any waypoints with the same identifier letters you have entered to that point. When the desired waypoint is displayed, press ENTER. Waypoints are selected by identifier (or name). [. . . ] GR to Target--The glide ratio required to descend from present position and altitude to the target altitude at the location specified in the Vertical Nav settings. Leg Fuel--The fuel required to travel from a route waypoint to the next waypoint (in sequence) in the route. Leg Time--The time required to travel from a route waypoint to the next waypoint (in sequence) in the route. Max Speed--The maximum second-by-second speed recorded since last reset. [. . . ]


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