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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] GPSMAP 195 Pilot's Guide & Reference INTRODUCTION FOREWORD This manual is written for Software Version 3. 00 or above, and is not suitable for earlier software versions. Land Data Base Map Version 1. 00 or above GARMIN International, Inc. , 1200 E. 151st Street, Olathe, KS 66062 USA Tel: 913-397-8200 Fax: 913-397-8282 GARMIN (Europe) LTD, Unit 5, The Quadrangle, Abbey Park, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 9AQ UK Tel: 011-44-1794-519944 Tel: 011-886-02-2917-4107 Web Site Address: www. garmin. com NavData® is a registered trademark of Jeppesen, Inc. Fax: 011-44-1794-519222 Fax: 011-886-02-2917-1758 GARMIN (Asia) Corp. , 3F, No. 1, Lane 45, Pao Hsing Road, Hsin Tien, Taipei, Taiwan R. O. C. © 1996-1999 GARMIN Corporation. [. . . ] Use the R keypad to display the cursor and pan away from your present position (denoted by the airplane icon). The position of the cursor, plus bearing and distance to cursor position, appear above the map display. USING THE CURSOR (cont. ) As you move the cursor, the distance and bearing from your present position to the cursor will be displayed in the data window, along with the cursor's position coordinates. Keep in mind that when the cursor is stationary, the distance and bearing from your present position will change as your aircraft moves. The cursor may also be used to `snap to' on-screen airports and navaids, allowing you to review a selected position directly from the map display. To select an on-screen airport or navaid with the cursor: 1. (If there are several waypoints grouped closely together, zoom in closer for a better view. ) 2. When an airport or navaid is selected, it becomes highlighted on screen, with the name and position displayed. To view additional database information about the selected waypoint, press T. To exit the waypoint definition page, press Q. Place the cursor over an airport, navaid or user waypoint to see bearing and distance to the waypoint, plus its coordinates. Pressing the G key from the map page allows you to graphically select an on-screen waypoint, navaid or cursor position as a destination. A graphical GOTO may be used to select one of three items from the map display: an existing waypoint, an on-screen navaid, or a cursor position. If you select the cursor position as the GOTO destination, the GPSMAP 195 will automatically create a waypoint named `MAPWPT' at the cursor's map position. 52 REFERENCE USING THE CURSOR (cont. ) To activate a GOTO from the map display: 1. To select an existing airport, navaid, user waypoint or symbol waypoint, highlight the waypoint on screen and press T. To select a cursor position as your destination, move the cursor to the desired position and press G. The GOTO window will appear and display the position as the `MAPWPT' waypoint. Press T to save the waypoint and begin navigation. Map Page ? NOTE: Keep in mind that the `MAPWPT' waypoint will be overwritten each time a new `MAPWPT' GOTO is initiated. This allows you to navigate to onscreen locations without permanently storing them as waypoints. If you wish to save the `MAPWPT' waypoint, rename it following the steps on page 38. The cursor may also be used to create new user waypoints or symbol waypoints directly from the map. Symbol waypoints are locations identified on the map by any one of thirty-five waypoint symbols, but do not have a waypoint name. The GPSMAP 195 stores up to 250 symbol waypoints (see page 39 for more information). To create a user or symbol waypoint with the cursor: 1. Press T, select `User Waypoint' or `Symbol Waypoint' and press T again. For user waypoints, highlight the waypoint name field and enter the desired name. For both waypoint types highlight the waypoint symbol field, press T, select the desired waypoint symbol and press T again. Press the Q key. By highlighting a waypoint on the map display, and pressing © you won't have to enter the identifier for the waypoint. SELECTING MAP SCALES The map display has 21 available range scales from 1/10th to 3000 miles (nautical or statute; or 1/4 to 5000 km). [. . . ] Longitude--An east/west measurement of position in relation to the Prime Meridian, an imaginary circle that passes through the north and south poles. Position--An exact, unique location based on a geographic coordinate system. Turn Angle To Waypoint (TRN)-- The difference between Bearing (BRG) and Track (TRK). `L' indicates you should turn left, `R' indicates you should turn right. [. . . ]


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