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[. . . ] owner's manual XM ® Radio Smart Antenna GXM 40 © 2008 Garmin Ltd. (913) 397. 8200 or (800) 800. 1020 Fax (913) 397. 8282 Garmin (Europe) Ltd. Liberty House Hounsdown Business Park, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 9RB UK Tel. +44 (0) 870. 8501241 (outside the UK) 0808 2380000 (within the UK) Fax +44 (0) 870. 8501251 Garmin Corporation No. [. . . ] NEXRAD can be displayed independently or with a variety of other weather information. For information on NEXRAD abnormalities, limitations, and intensity, see pages 34­35. NEXRAD Legend NEXRAD GXM 40 Owner's Manual XM WX Weather Features Satellite Mosaic The Satellite Mosaic feature displays infrared composite images of cloud cover taken by geostationary weather satellites, providing up to seven levels of cloud cover. Cloud Tops Legend Satellite Mosaic GXM 40 Owner's Manual XM WX Weather Features Echo Tops Echo Tops are derived from NEXRAD radar and indicate the highest altitude at which precipitation is falling. Echo Tops at or above the altitude you select are displayed in 5, 000 foot increments up to 70, 000 feet. Echo Tops can be helpful in determining the severity of thunderstorms, where higher altitudes equate to more intense thunderstorms. Echo Tops for All Altitudes Echo Tops at 15, 000 Ft. GXM 40 Owner's Manual XM WX Weather Features Surface Pressure This feature displays pressure isobars and pressure centers. Pressure readings can help determine weather and wind conditions in an area. Low-pressure areas generally are associated with clouds and the chance of precipitation. Isobars that are packed closely together show a strong pressure gradient. Strong pressure gradients are associated with areas of stronger winds. Pressure units can be displayed in millibars (mbar), inches of mercury (inHg), and hectopascals (hPa). Strong Pressure Gradient GXM 40 Owner's Manual Pressure Isobars XM WX Weather Features Lightning Lightning bolt icons represent lightning strikes, as shown in the image below. Lightning strikes appear on the map if strikes have been detected within the last seven minutes. The ground-based lightning detection network only detects cloud-to-ground lightning. Lightning bolts indicate a cloud-to-ground lightning strike. Lightning Strikes 0 GXM 40 Owner's Manual XM WX Weather Features Storm Cells The Storm Cells feature displays storms and the projected path of storms in the immediate future. The direction in which the red cone is pointing (from the narrow end to the wide end) indicates the projected path of the storm cell. The red bars that span the cone indicate the projected area of the storm. The tip of the arrow indicates the projected location of the storm in 15 minutes. Select the storm cell with the map pointer to view critical information about the storm. Automotive and Marine GXM 40 Owner's Manual Aviation XM WX Weather Features Freezing Level Freezing Level shows contours for the lowest forecast altitude where icing conditions are likely to occur. Forecast Forecast displays fronts, high- and low-pressure centers, and city conditions. The forecast can be viewed in 12-hour increments for the next 48 hours. Forecast Map Forecast Legend Sunny Thunderstorms Rain Freezing Rain Snow Windy Haze Foggy Very Cold Very Hot Freezing Level Contours Partly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Cloudy GXM 40 Owner's Manual XM WX Weather Features Fronts The Fronts feature displays the lines indicating the leading edge of an air mass that is replacing an existing air mass. Pressure centers are represented by a large red "L" for low-pressure centers or a large blue "H" for high-pressure centers. Pressure centers represent an area where pressure is measured to be either the highest or the lowest relative to the surrounding area. A low-pressure center is an area where the measured pressure is lowest relative to the surrounding area. Moving away from a low-pressure center in any horizontal direction results in increased pressure. Winds flow counterclockwise around low-pressure centers in North America. [. . . ] XM and Garmin assume no responsibility for accidents resulting from or associated with use of the Services. Your Radio Service includes traffic and weather information, and you acknowledge that such information is not for "safety for life", but is merely supplemental and advisory in nature, and therefore cannot be relied upon as safety-critical in connection with any aircraft, sea craft or automobile usage. This information is provided "as is" and XM and Garmin 40 disclaim any and all warranties, express and implied, with respect thereto or the transmission or reception thereof. XM and Garmin further do not warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the traffic and weather information disclosed on the Radio Service. [. . . ]


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