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[. . . ] ® mapping software user's manual © Copyright 2004-2005 Garmin Ltd. Unit 5, The Quadrangle, Abbey Park Industrial Estate, Romsey, SO51 9DL U. K. Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, copied, transmitted, disseminated, downloaded, or stored in any storage medium for any purpose without prior written consent of Garmin. Garmin hereby grants permission to download a single copy of this manual and of any revision to this manual onto a hard drive or other electronic storage medium to be viewed, and to print one copy of this manual or any revision hereto, provided that such electronic or printed copy of this manual must contain the complete text of this copyright notice and provided further that any unauthorized commercial distribution of this manual or any revision hereto is strictly prohibited. [. . . ] Selected map regions are shaded pink. 10 MapSource User's Manual USING MAPSOURCE > LOADING MAPS TO YOUR GARMIN GPS UNIT Names of map regions. Selected map regions appear shaded in pink. To deselect a map region, click a shaded pink area on the Graphic Map. To deselect several map regions, press and hold the Ctrl key while you click and drag across the map regions you want to deselect. Memory needed to store this map set. Click to rename map set. Maps Tab The map regions you select are called a "map set" and are listed in the Maps tab. Click the Maps tab to view the names and sizes of each map region you have selected. If the map set is too big, deselect some map regions. MapSource User's Manual NOTE: If your GPS unit supports auto-routing, select the Include route calculation data check box (located at the bottom of the Maps tab). You can create a route in MapSource and then select all of the map regions surrounding that route. For more information about creating routes, see page 20. 11 USING MAPSOURCE > LOADING MAPS TO YOUR GARMIN GPS UNIT To select maps around waypoints, routes, or tracks: Right-click a route, waypoint, or track in its Data tab and click Select Maps Around Route (Waypoint/Track) from the shortcut menu. You can only select maps that you have purchased and installed on your computer. For example, if you select both Topographical and Roads & Recreational data for the same geographical area, you will not see a combination of topographic and road data. In order to see the Topographical data, turn the Roads & Recreational data off in your GPS unit. Adding Maps from Multiple MapSource Products You can add maps from more than one MapSource product to a map set, but you can only see data from one product on your GPS unit if the maps overlap. If two maps from different MapSource products overlap on your GPS unit, you need to turn the overlapping map off in order to see the other map underneath. Check your GPS unit owner's manual to learn how to turn MapSource maps on or off. 12 MapSource User's Manual USING MAPSOURCE > TRANSFERRING MAPSOURCE DATA Transferring MapSource Data or tracks, you will not erase the maps on the card. You can transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks from a data card to your GPS unit's internal memory to prevent them from being deleted from your data card. You cannot save maps from a data card to your GPS unit's internal memory. You can send map sets, waypoints, routes, and tracks to your GPS unit or storage card, or you can receive data from your GPS unit or storage card. You may use one of the following methods to transfer data to or from your GPS unit (check your GPS unit owner's manual to see what data transfer options are available): · Serial or USB Cable · USB Data Card Programmer--You can use this method if your GPS unit uses a Garmin data card (not preprogrammed). The USB Data Card Programmer works only with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows XP. · Compact Flash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD) Card Reader--If your GPS unit uses a CF or SD card, you can purchase a third-party card reader to transfer data. Each time you transfer maps to a data card, you completely erase all data currently stored on the card and replace it with new data. However, if you store maps on a data card and you transfer waypoints, routes, MapSource User's Manual iQue® Users To transfer data to and from an iQue, you may need to synchronize with your personal computer. You may not be able to send or receive all types of data to/from your iQue. For more information, refer to your iQue owner's manual. 13 USING MAPSOURCE > TRANSFERRING MAPSOURCE DATA BlueChart, Fishing Hot Spots, and LakeMaster Data Cards Preprogrammed BlueChart, Fishing HotSpots, and LakeMaster data cards should not be used in the USB Programmer or in a GPS unit for saving MapSource maps--you will lose the preloaded data. Remove this preprogrammed data card from your GPS unit before you transfer maps. If you overwrite the preloaded data, Garmin will not replace or recover it. [. . . ] To reorder the points from last to first, click Invert. To create a route using the Route Properties dialog box: 20 MapSource User's Manual USING MAPSOURCE > CREATING AND EDITING ROUTES To see points on the map, highlight each point and click Show on Map, or check the box next to Center map on selected item to see each point in the center of the map. Click to insert a waypoint listed in the Waypoints tab. Editing Routes You can edit routes directly on the Graphic Map or using the Route Properties dialog box. From your route on the Graphic Map, you can add, move, and remove waypoints using the selection tool . Moving a route waypoint on the Graphic Map. Route Properties dialog box MapSource User's Manual 21 USING MAPSOURCE > TRACKS From the Route Properties dialog box, you can: · Add points to a route · Rename a route · Invert a route · Link a file or URL to a route · View a vertical profile for a route · View and print text directions for an auto-route · Delete a route For more information, refer to the MapSource Help system. Click Help > MapSource Help or press F1 on your keyboard to open the detailed MapSource Help files. Tracks Tracks are like little footprints on the Graphic Map that show you exactly where you have been. [. . . ]


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