User manual GARMIN MX20 PILOT'S GUIDE REV. B, APR, 2006

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GARMIN MX20 PILOT'S GUIDE REV. B, APR, 2006: Download the complete user guide (9066 Ko)

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Manual abstract: user guide GARMIN MX20PILOT'S GUIDE REV. B, APR, 2006

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] MX20 TM color Multi-Function Display pilot's guide © 2006 Garmin Ltd. Unit 5, The Quadrangle, Abbey Park Industrial Estate, Romsey, SO51 9DL, U. K. Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, copied, transmitted, disseminated, downloaded or stored in any storage medium, for any purpose without the express prior written consent of Garmin. Garmin hereby grants permission to download a single copy of this manual onto a hard drive or other electronic storage medium to be viewed and to print one copy of this manual or of any revision hereto, provided that such electronic or printed copy of this manual must contain the complete text of this copyright notice and provided further that any unauthorized commercial distribution of this manual or any revision hereto is strictly prohibited. [. . . ] This mode is similar to squawking "VFR 1200" on a standard transponder. Detailed Operation Enter Code (ADS-B Air Traffic Source) This is where you enter the ATC-assigned ADS-B code. This code entered into the MX20 does NOt control the code on Mode A, C, or S transponders. It only sends the selected code to the GDL 90 UAT for inclusion into the position report. The MX20 Code Edit option must be enabled to make this function available. ADS-B Traffic Set 1200 Pressing the Set1200 key sets the ADS-B code to 1200. This code entered into the MX20 does NOt control the code on Mode A, C, or S transponders. Services The Services option allows emergency/service codes to be sent over the data-link radio. When pressed, a list of standard emergency/service codes will be presented. The desired emergency/service code can be selected and broadcast by pressing the tRANS (Transmit) "smart" key or cancelled by pressing the CANCEL "smart key. " When an emergency/service code is being transmitted, the Services menu option key label is illuminated. Three of the emergency/service codes temporarily change the ADS-B code value. Once the emergency/service code is terminated, the ADS-B code will revert back to the previously set ADS-B code. The MX20 must be configured as the UAT's control panel to make this function available. ADS-B Traffic Menu Items (Page 2) Traffic Menu Option Page 2 The second menu option page of the Traffic function lets you select options for the choices of Time Interval, Traffic Altitude Filter, Altitude, Flight Plan, and Traffic Map Orientation. ADS-B Broadcast ID Info Time The time interval option sets the amount of time to estimate the path and location of the traffic. The path of the traffic is shown by the line extending from the point on the end of the traffic arrow icon. The end of the line shows the point where the traffic item will be at the end of the selected time interval. Press the Main MENUItEM key to display the next page of menu items. Detailed Operation ADS-B Traffic Traffic Altitude Filter The Altitude Filter allows targets that are outside of a ±2000 foot vertical range to be filtered off the display. This option is controlled via the Traffic Function Menu and causes the on-screen mode to change from "ALL" to "±2000" in the upper left of the Traffic Function screen. In the "ALL" mode, all targets, regardless of their altitude, are shown. In ±2000 foot mode, only targets that are within 2000 feet above or below the ownship altitude are shown. Altitude Option (Relative/Pressure) The altitude option lets you select between relative and pressure altitude in hundreds of feet. The altitude option choice is shown on the upper left corner of the screen while in the graphic display option. When Relative Altitude is selected, the altitude value on the traffic is shown relative to your altitude. For instance, if a value of +80 is shown, the value means that the indicated traffic is 8000 feet above your altitude. When Pressure Altitude is selected, if a value of 121 is shown, the value means that the indicated traffic is at 12, 100 feet pressure altitude. Remember that pressure altitude can be substantially different than the barocorrected altitude shown on the altimeter in your aircraft. Traffic Menu Items (Page 3) Flight Plan The Flight Plan option controls the display of the Flight Plan course line. Pressing the MENUItEM key next to the Flight Plan option toggles between showing and not showing the Flight Plan route line. Traffic Map Orientation The Traffic Map Orientation option lets you choose between a 360-degree compass rose or an arc that covers about 90 degrees over the top of the display. [. . . ] Have the serial number of your MX20 handy and connect to the Garmin Web site (www. garmin. com). Also, be sure to record your serial number in the space provided to the left. If you have any questions, Garmin's Product Support department may be reached Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time, by phone at 1-800-800-1020, or by e-mail at sales@garmin. com. NOTE: If you have previously registered a Garmin product purchase, we invite you to re-register using our NEW on-line system. Many services provided by our new product registration system are now being automated and re-registering your purchase ensures you the best possible support from Garmin. Appendix Limited Warranty Limited Warranty This Garmin product is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 24 months from the date of purchase. [. . . ]


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