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[. . . ] nvi 3507/3508 Series Owner?s Manual March 2013 190-01580-00_0A Printed in Taiwan All rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Garmin. Garmin reserves the right to change or improve its products and to make changes in the content of this manual without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes or improvements. Go to www. garmin. com for current updates and supplemental information concerning the use of this product. [. . . ] 4 Select Go!. ? Your Route on the Map NOTICE The speed limit feature is for information only and does not replace your responsibility to abide by all posted speed limit signs and to use safe driving judgment at all times. ?Garmin will not be responsible for any traffic fines or citations you receive for failing to follow all applicable traffic laws and signs. ? Custom Points of Interest Custom POIs are customized points on the map. ?They can contain alerts that let you know if you are near a designated point or if you are traveling faster than a specified speed. ? 4 Navigation The route is marked with a magenta line. ?As you travel, the device guides you to the destination with voice prompts, arrows on the map, and directions at the top of the map. ?If you depart from the original route, the device recalculates the route and provides new directions. ?A data field displaying the current speed limit may appear as you travel on major roadways. ? Viewing the Entire Route on the Map 1 While navigating a route, select the navigation bar at the top of the map. ?2 Select > Map. ? Viewing the Next Turn While navigating an automobile route, a preview of the next turn, lane change, or other maneuver appears in the upper-left corner of the map. ?The preview includes the distance to the turn or maneuver and the lane in which you should be traveling, if available. ?Active Lane Guidance As you approach a turn while navigating a route, a detailed simulation of the road appears beside the map, if available. ?A colored line indicates the proper lane for the turn. ? Using the Navigation Map 1 Select View Map. ?To center the map on your current location, select . ? Viewing Junctions While navigating a route, you can view the junctions on major roadways. ?When you approach a junction in a route, the image of that junction appears briefly, if available. ?From the map, select to view the junction, if available. ? About Up Ahead You can view upcoming businesses and services along your route or the road on which you are traveling. ?Services are listed under tabs by category. ? Gas Food Lodging Restrooms Parking Banks and ATMs Adding a Point to a Route Before you can add a stop, you must be navigating a route. ?5 Select Add to Active Route. ? Taking a Detour Before you can take a detour, you must add the detour tool to the map tools menu (page6). ?You can take a detour for a specified distance along your route or detour around specific roads. ?This is useful if you encounter construction zones, closed roads, or poor road conditions. ?To detour your route for a specific distance, select 0. ?5 mi, 2 mi, or 5 mi. ?3 If necessary, select a road to detour around. ? Finding Upcoming Points of Interest 1 From the map, select > Up Ahead. ?Customizing the Up Ahead Categories You can change the categories you search for, rearrange the order of the categories, and search for a specific business or category. ?To move the a category up or down in the list, select and drag the arrow to the right of the category name. ?To create a custom category, select a category, select Custom Search, and enter the name of a business or category. ? [. . . ] 2 Pull the tab on the suction cup toward you. ? Purchasing Additional Maps 1 Go to your device product page at (www. garmin. com). ?3 Follow the on-screen instructions. ? Cleaning the Outer Casing NOTICE Avoid chemical cleaners and solvents that can damage plastic components. ?2 Wipe the device dry. ? Purchasing Accessories Go to http:?/??/?buy?. garmin?. com. ? Troubleshooting The suction cup will not stay on my windshield 1 Clean the suction cup and windshield with rubbing alcohol. ?3 Mount the suction cup (page1). ? 1 Clean the outer casing of the device (not the touchscreen) Cleaning the Touchscreen 1 Use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. ? [. . . ]


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