User manual GIGABYTE AERO 14W V7 B40W10P-FR

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[. . . ] Please note that the volume for the audio will not function until Windows® Setup has completed. Switching on the Power Booting Up the Notebook for the First Time Depending on your configuration, the Microsoft® Windows® Boot Screen will be the first screen that you will see as the notebook starts up. Follow the on-screen prompts and instructions and enter your personal information to complete the setup of the Windows® Operating System. 2 Your GIGABYTE Notebook Tour Top View 2 English 1 3 1 Light sensor Webcam Webcam Status LED Indicator Microphone x2 Power Button TouchPad Battery Indicator Button  LED Indicators  Press the right button of touchpad to check the remaining battery power. [. . . ] Macro Key Group Indicators: Indicate the activated Macro Key Group (the atcivated group indicator will light up) Macro Key Function: Show the programmed Macro functions under the Macro Key Group, from G1 to G5. Click the G button on the left-top of the keyboard to switch to the Macro Key group you would like to use b. Overview of macro record panel (you can record your own macro here) 1. Record type: You can choose to record only mouse(or keyboard) movement, or record both. Record interval: You can decide to or not to record the interval of each movement(or You can set fixed interval time between every movement) 7. Execution way: You can set the macro execution way (execution once, repeat execution or repeat execution with deep press) 8. Start to record macro: When you click start button, the macro engine will start to record macro. All movement you made(mouse/keyboard) will be shown in the movement list. You can decide to use “pause” key or mouse click on stop button to stop recording based on your record range. Finishing recording: When you have done all movement, click exit button. Firmware Upgrade: Upgrade Macro Key firmware 10 GIGABYTE Software Application „„ GIGABYTE You can activate GIGABYTE Smart Manager by double clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop if the machine you purchased has the operation system built-in. GIGABYTE Smart Manager is an icon-based control interface, enabling users to intuitionally access common system setup as well as GIGABYTE exclusive utilities. Please be noted that the GIGABYTE Smart Manager interface, icons, utilities and software versions may vary based on the purchased models. Please operate GIGABYTE Smart Manager according to the actual version built-in. English Smart Manager Smart USB Backup Guide WARNING ●● You can backup original recovery image through this application in case of losing by device damage. —●  ou can backup original recovery image to USB disk and restore the system if any storage system Y replacement with the recovery USB disk. —●  efore you restore the system through the recovery USB disk, please make sure that you have already B made the backup of your data. —● Please DO NOT shut down or un-plug the system when performing backup through recovery USB disk. 11 English 1 >20G •  lease plug in the USB disk which is P at least 20GB in capacity to make the original image (backup the data in USB first. All data will be eliminated during the creation of recovery USB disk) 2 •  nsert the driver disk to your optical I drive and run the install of “Smart USB Backup” (for none-ODD model, please use USB ODD device or download from http://www. Com 3 •  un the “Smart USB Backup” after R finishing the install. 4 •  elect your USB disk from the dropS d ow n l i st a n d st a r t to c r e ate t h e recovery USB disk. [. . . ] F  ully clean the drive The drive will be completely restored to factory default settings. ] Here are what will happen ˙˙All of your personal files and apps will be removed. ˙Your PC settings will be restored to pure O/S (without GIGABYTE app) . English ▓▓ GIGABYTE Smart Recovery The recovery will be activated and you will see the option buttons on the window. [. . . ]


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