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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Instructions for Use Tumble Dryer Thank you for your trust and for buying our tumble drier. The dryer enables quick drying of your laundry, leaving it soft and tender without affecting its shape. Our appliances are environmentally friendly: some of the materials are recyclable while others are disposed of and destroyed. To protect the environment, dispose of your appliance by delivering it to the authorized dealer. [. . . ] €¢ Rated voltage and other characteristics are indicated on the name plate, located below the door of the appliance. If the supply cable is damaged it should only be replaced by a qualified technician. 7 237332 Operation A B C D E F G H I - program selection jog lower temperature button delayed start button START / PAUSE button water receptacle alarm LED (only condensation dryer) filter alarm LED drying cycle end / anti crease program button cooling LED / ventilation drying in progress LED Program selection jog Program symbols cotton synthetics time setting larger pieces of laundry ventilation mixed laundry Moisture level very dry dry dry for storage slightly damp iron dry 237332 8 Drying procedure - Open the dryer door by pushing the left-hand side of the door towards the appliance. Pay attention to the labels on the clothes, indicating the recommending drying mode (see table of textile treatment symbols on the last page). - Insert the laundry into the drum (prior making sure that the drum is empty). Operating the dryer - Drying program selection By turning selector jog button (A) select the preferred drying program according to the type of laundry and required final moisture. - Selection of additional functions Additional functions are selected prior pressing the START button (D). Decreasing the temperature This function is selected if you wish to dry laundry at a temperature lower than determined by the program (see drying programs chart). After drying is completed, this function returns to the initial higher temperature. Delayed start Select this function by pressing the delayed start button (C) (the LED over the button lights up). The amount of time by which the start of the drying program is delayed increases each time the delayed start button (C) is pressed (from 2h, 4h, etc. , up to 12h) (the delay is indicated by the LEDs (E), (F), (G), (H), (I); actual delay may depend on the dryer model. (The LEDs will cease flashing; instead, they will be lit continuously). After the expiration of the set time, the selected program is activated. 9 237332 Delay can also be set / adjusted while the delay timer is in operation, i. If the START (D) button is pressed during the delay timer operation (during delay time countdown), the delay will be cancelled and the selected drying program will start immediately. If there was a power supply failure before the delay time has expired, the START/PAUSE (D) button must be pressed again. If the dryer is switched off, this function is reset to its initial position; the delayed start function is deactivated. Drying procedure • Drying process is turned on by pressing the START/PAUSE button (D); the (I) LED lights. €¢ If you turn the program selector jog during the drying process, settings do not change, except at the position “0”, whereby the program is suspended. €¢ When the set moisture level is reached, the cooling process starts; the (I) LED goes off and the (H) LED is on. (see drying programs • If the ventilation program is selected table) the (H) LED is on throughout the entire program. [. . . ] Replacing the bulb (only with some models) • Before replacing the bulb disconnect the power cord from the wall socket. €¢ Unscrew the cover of the bulb (inside the door opening). The bulb must be of the same type and power as indicated on the bulb and on the protective cover (max. Check if it seals well, otherwise moisture may penetrate the interior and cause short circuit. [. . . ]


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