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[. . . ] 71 washing machine 1 UNPACKING AND UNBLOCKING THE WASHING MACHINE UNPACKING a Remove the base, corner protectors and top cover. SELECT installation and assembly UNBLOCKING a Remove the screws holding the plastic covers to the back of the washing machine. 72 2 CONNECTION TO THE MAINS WATER SUPPLY AND DRAINAGE installation and assembly CONNECTION TO THE MAINS WATER SUPPLY The water supply hose is inside the drum: a Connect the bent end of the hose to the threaded inlet of the electrovalve located at the rear of the washing machine. It is important that the drain hose bend is correctly fastened to the outlet, to prevent any risk of it becoming detached and causing flooding. [. . . ] 80 No spin Programme Fabric type Spin speed selection Anti-crease Recommended temperature Possible option buttons M of Ant -crease Max load of clothes (Kg) 6 Wash product compartment Programme description Normal wash, rinses, automatic additive absorption if desired and long final spin SHORT wash, rinses, automatic additive absorption if desired and long final spin Total consumption kWh/litres 0, 15/49 Approx. 81 4 SPIN SPEED SELECTION using the appliance and practical tips SPIN-DRYING a The wash options must always be selected after choosing the wash programme. Any programme change during selection cancels the previously selected options. A Spin speed selection and anti-crease button The selected programme has its own particular spin speed. D Anti-crease option The wash programme stops on the last rinse, with the clothes left in water. When the function is deactivated, the washing machine continues the programme, draining and spin-drying. It is used, for example, when you are not at home and want to delay the spindrying until you get home, to prevent the clothes creasing after spin-drying and being left in the drum to be removed. Select b Select c Select d Select 82 5 TIME DELAY SELECTION AND ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS using the appliance TIME DELAY Time delay selection button A delay of up to 24 hours can be selected. Each time the button is pressed the start of washing is delayed by 1 more hour. Cancelling the delay To cancel the delay you have to press the clock button successively. The delay will be cancelled when 24 hours have been reached and the button is pressed once more. select ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS Additional function selection button depending on programmes. B By pressing the button several times you can choose between several combinations of one, two and up to three additional functions at the same time depending on the programme selected. Button: Easy-iron ( ) This option prevents garments from creasing by means of carrying out a special programme with special turns to fluff out the garments after spin-drying and make them easier to iron. Button: Extra rinse ( ) Increases the level of the final rinse obtained in the clothes; suitable for large loads and garments belonging to people with sensitive skin. Button: Intensive wash ( ) This option, specially recommended for heavily soiled, stained clothes, achieves better results by extending the normal wash cycle. A Select b Select Important 83 If during the additional function selection, the programme is changed or the ON/OFF button is pressed, all the functions selected until then are cancelled. Important warnings Level the washing machine by adjusting the feet to reduce the noise caused by spin-drying. Try and wash clothes of different sizes in the same wash programme to favour the distribution of the clothes inside the drum during spin-drying. All the models have a safety system for spin-drying that prevents spin-drying from being carried out if the distribution of the clothes inside the drum is too concentrated. If you find that the clothes are not properly wrung out, try spin-drying them again after having distributed the clothes more evenly in the drum. POWER CUTS If there is a power cut, the washing machine will continue to operate from the point at which it stopped when power is reconnected (its memory lasts for a few hours). [. . . ] This time is for guidance purposes only and may be affected by the conditions under which the selected programme is being run, e. Initial water temperature, size of load or unbalance caused by the garments during spin drying. When this happens a number of other indicators appear on the display: F05, F06. 90 environmental warnings eco-note INFORMATION FOR THE CORRECT DISPOSAL OF WASTE ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES When your appliance is of no further use, it should not be disposed of together with general domestic waste. [. . . ]


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